Zayn Malik has recently disappeared from the spotlight. The silence comes after Malik’s painful breakup with his former girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. While the event took one celebrity away from the headlines, it brought fresh light to another phenomenon of the modern-day Internet: Raw Navi.

Zayn Malik to Be Replaced by Raw Navi?

The Hollywood game is simple. While one celebrity is disappearing, there is a whole line of new boys and girls who are working hard and waiting for their turn on the arena of show business. One new character is Raw Navi. The performer has recently created a lot of buzz with his funny YouTube video, “Strawberries,” which is now killing the Internet. Plainly stupid and hilarious, the new meme is taking over the headlines.

The Laws of Entertainment: Zayn Malik and Raw Navi

In the entertainment industry, the rules are simple. The one who entertains stays afloat, while the rest of the folks sink into the annals of the history. It is important to notice that hard work and dedication get rewarded. Evidently, Malik misses these fundamental rules. With each day of silence, the celebrity is losing more and more of the active support of his fans.

A New Chapter in Music and Entertainment

While the fans are still expecting the former One Direction star to be back, the new chapter in the music and entertainment fields is here to stay. Once upon a time, Psy captured the attention of millions of users, and his “Gangnam Style” music video captured billions of views. This time, it is about something else or someone else: a cartoon man dressed in a strawberry outfit singing about strawberries.

Will Raw Navi reach previously unreachable heights? We do not know. However, we can participate in watching the silly meme song and enjoy ourselves for the moment.

Raw Navi – Strawberries [link]