World of Warcraft is a fascinating game that has been played by millions over the last decade. If you’re wondering whether or not you should try the game, our suggestion is to go right ahead. However, if you need reasons to convince you further, we have a few today that should accomplish just that.

World of Warcraft is an amazing game that everyone should at least try. Here are some more reasons as to why you should download the game today.

Number One: It’s Festive. Because the game is in real time, when October comes around, everywhere you go you’ll become greeted by Halloween. There’s fun quests you can complete only in the time of whichever holiday it is. In Christmas time, there’s loads of festive fun in the major cities and towns. For Children’s week, you can even take an orphan around you on your quests. It’s completely fun and you can make it as festive as you want.

Number Two: There’s so Many Levels. For some people, this may not be a good thing, However, having said this, all the quests you’ll play in the game are exciting and fun. You’ll be thankful of the fact that there’s so much gameplay you can go through. If you want to level faster, there’s plenty of ways in-game that you can accomplish that too.

Number Three: It’s Fit for All Sorts of Players. If you’re a dedicated player who likes to spend hours getting just the gear you want in order to become the King of PvP, then World of Warcraft is just the game for you. If you’re a more relaxed player who likes to watch Netflix while fishing on the shores of Azuremyst Isle, the game is also just for you. The game is so flexible that there isn’t any real reason you wouldn’t play the game, except perhaps if you don’t like to have fun.

Number Four: You Can Become an Expert. Besides going on quests, exploring, and talking with other players, you can also become an expert in several professions (as well as other things, of course). Some of the professions include mining, skinning, archaeology, cooking, blacksmithing, tailoring, jewel crafting, and more. Getting good with some professions can be quite lucrative as well.

Number Five: It Takes Skill. Some of the dungeons you’ll come across as a player require a great amount of teamwork and skill. World of Warcraft is a great for those looking for a challenge. There’s plenty of awesome rewards too.

Number Six: There’s Hidden Locations. If you have the time and want to spend it finding secret locations, there’s plenty that you will be able to find in World of Warcraft. Take a different turn, fly over a mountain, or swim a little bit off and you will find an awesome location you can hang out while you’re waiting for PvP or dungeon queues. Or, just cause.

Number Seven: You Can Watch the Sunset. Depending on whether or not the realm you choose is identical to your local time, you can actually watch the sunset if you would like to. The scenery is so gorgeous that it’s completely recommended to do at least once. (Hint: you’ll probably do this, at least, more than once.)

Number Eight: It’s Endless. World of Warcraft is so flexible, fun, and expensive that it’s literally endless. You won’t even have to try to find more things to do in the game because it provides them for you. Just remember to visit the real world every now and then.

Number Nine: Elves, Trolls, Goblins: Oh My! One of the best things about the best game in the world is that there are so many different races you can play. If you play on the Horde, you can be a goblin, an orc, a blood elf, a troll, a tauren, or an undead. If you decide to play on the Alliance, you can play a human, a night elf, a gnome, a dwarf, a worgen, or a draenei. If you play a pandaren, you can choose which faction you play for after the beginning quest line.

Number Ten: You Can Fly on Your Own Dragon. Once you hit level 60, you have the ability to own and ride flying mounts. While dragons are the sort of mount you acquire or purchase, they’re amazing to ride once you do.

Number Eleven: It’s Gorgeous. Playing the game is very therapeutic for many players, and one of the reasons why this is so is because the places are so beautiful, for the most part. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in some icky, scary situations. One of our favorite places is Nagrand, which reminds a lot of people of the pride lands (from Lion King).

Number Twelve: Harrison Ford Is a Quest Giver. Well, not exactly. Something that World of Warcraft does as a sort of tribute to many things in pop culture is to allude to them, which sometimes takes the form of NPCs. A good number of quests can be completed from a character known as Harrison Jones. He even makes you go in underground, sandy runes to reveal ancient secrets in some of the quests.

Number Thirteen: Saying That It’s Intuitive is an Understatement. While a good number of games, especially PC games, work to improve gameplay, World of Warcraft does it amazingly. All the shortcuts and movements feel natural and allow you to play hours at a time without getting cramped.

Number Fourteen: You Can Get a New Look. Want to change the look of your character? You can, and now more than ever. By visiting the barber at one of the main cities in World of Warcraft, you can change the look of your hair, accessories, and more. You can even change your characters face now! You might as well call them plastic surgeons too.

Number Fifteen: It Gives You Feels. World of Warcraft full of out-of-this-world story lines, and they are often quite emotional. Wars, heartbreak, and corruption are just some of the subjects you are bound to come across playing the game.