Wayne Rooney is a legendary footballer who plays for American MLS club D.C. United. At age 33, the soccer superstar still has plenty of time to make even more of an impact on the game and a legacy of his name. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together nine facts you probably didn’t know about Wayne Rooney.

Number One: Wayne Rooney Was Once Suspended From School for Kicking a Hole in a Wall. Seems like an appropriate reason for a future international soccer star to be suspended for 2 days. This is especially true because the reason for the kick was that his ball had been taken away from him.

Number Two: The Footballer Has Special Glasses to Wear For His Lazy Eye. Wayne has had the problem since he was a kid. And though he has glasses that are supposed to aid his reading and driving, he almost never wears them.

Number Three: Rooney is a Huge Karaoke Fan. He even has a machine for it set up in his home. Mustang Sally is his favorite tune.

Number Four: His Mother Still Works as a Lunch Lady. Even though Rooney could easily help her to retire if she so desired, his mom still works at the same school she worked at when he was a kid.

Number Five: At the ’04 Euros Wayne Watched Oliver! Wayne watched the musical over and over and would sing along to the songs. In fact, the footballer watched it during every massage he got during the time.

Number Six: The First Time He Cooked Was on a George Foreman Grill. It happened in ’03, which means he was already eighteen at the time. The meal was a simple steak and fries.

Number Seven: Rooney Eats the Same Meal Before Every Game. Spaghetti bolognese and chicken. Every single time.

Number Eight: Wayne Rooney Slept in His Parents’ Bed Until He Was 5 Years Old. A little older than most. But the boy did so because he saw a ghost on his window ledge.

Number Nine: The Man Used to Drive a Mini Motorcycle Around the Estate He Grew Up On. It was a Yamaha PW80 with three gears and no clutch. He wasn’t licensed to drive the thing, so he would wait until the police left the estate. Thanks for reading.

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