Founded in Germany in 1937 by the German Labour Front, a Nazi labour union, Volkswagen is a name we’ve all heard of. It’s hard to drive down the road without seeing at least one car of the largest automaker in the world. The name mean’s “People’s car” in German and sports the logo “Das Auto” which mean’s “The car”.

Volkswagen Passat is a Version of the Audio 80

These two models are actually built with the exact same mechanical and outer parts. Many people aren’t aware that these two brands are related.

They Had Multiple Models Featured in a Prestigious List. Not one, but three Volkswagen models were named in the list of the top 10 best selling cars ever. These included the Volkswagen Passat, the Beetle, and the Golf.

VW sold More Than Five Million Cars in 2007. They were as popular as ever in Germany, America, and other European countries. Not only this, but in addition, they sold cars in over 100 other countries.

Volkswagen: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

The Beetle Was Produced for 65 Years

When you say Volkswagen, most people will instantly think of the legendary Beetle. This famous model was produced for over 6 decades, started from 1938 and continuing on until 2003.

In the USA, the Golf is Called the Rabbit. The Golf is not the Golf everywhere. Canadians also refer to this model by the Rabbit, and in Mexico it’s called the Volkswagen Caribe, which translates to piranha.

Volkswagen has Factories All Over the Globe. It’s quite amazing to look at how far this company has come. They started in Germany many years ago and in modern day have manufacturing plants in many countries, including Indonesia, Russia, Argentina, South Africa, and more.

The Shells of the Last Beetles Still Exist

Since the original design of these beloved cars is no longer being made, it’s understandable that someone should want to preserve them. The job has been done and these models are currently housed at VW’s Milton-Keynes parts store.

Hitler’s Big Idea. Adolf had dreams of engineering a car that could carry up to two adults and three children, that could go 62 miles per hour. He contracted Ferdinand Porsche for the job.

The Bus Was Inspired by the Idea of a Flatbed Truck. The original design for the famous VW bus did not have a camper shell over, but rather appeared similar to a truck. The idea of covering the flatbed didn’t come until later on, and would become one of the most iconic symbols of the business.

Volkswagen: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

VW Manufactures and Races Big Trucks

Most of us were unaware of the fact that Volkswagen even makes big trucks, but surprisingly enough, they also race them. Most of this takes place in Brazil, where VW is known as one of the leading truck manufacturers.

They Own an AutoMuseum. Situated in Wolfsburg, Germany, this museum is dedicated to the long history of Volkswagen. If offers exhibits for enthusiasts and has been around since 1985.

Herbie’s Sought-After Paint Job. The much-loved film Herbie which features a sentient car who likes to race was the creative work of Disney and appeared in theaters in 1969. It later on became the most popular paint scheme for the Volkswagen bug.

Audi Uses Volkswagen Parts

There was a time that you could even see a similarity between these two brands. That’s a thing of the past, however, since nowadays most car makers aim for creating a distinctive style to set themselves apart from the competition.

The Gordini Was Volkswagen’s First Hot Hatch Car. Many people believe that the Golf was the first hot hatch car made by VW. This is not the case, however. It was actually the Renault 5 Gordini.

It’s the Largest Car Manufacturer. Not long ago, in 2009, VW was officially made the world’s largest car maker. This happened when Volkswagen-Porsche officially overtook Toyota.