Vin Diesel is an American actor who has become one of the most popular action actors of our time. He’s become popular for films like Riddick and Fast and Furious. Here, we put together a list of top twelve interesting facts you didn’t know about Vin Diesel.

Number One: Vin Diesel Sings. Yes, he is even more talented than anyone knew. Once, the actor sang a tribute to late Paul Walker, with whom he worked on the Fast and Furious franchise.

Number Two: He Has a Strange Fear. In an interview in the past, he has shared his biggest fear: walking into a wall and busting his lip. This is certainly one of the rarest ones.

Number Three: Diesel Has a Famous Cousin. Interestingly enough, he is also the cousin of the famous rapper Kwame, who is also known as “The Boy Genius”. Diesel even appeared in the rapper’s older music videos.

Number Four: He is Tattooless. Despite the fact that this actor usually plays rugged types who sport tattoos, the actor doesn’t have any himself. This does seem rather odd, but it is supposed that this makes it easier for the makeup artists, who would normally have to cover tattoos if he had any.

Number Five: Vin Diesel Broke into a Theater. When he was just 7 y.o., he and some friends broke into a theater with some ill intentions. Artistic Director Crystal Field gave them scripts and parts for the show instead of calling the police. Talk about an interesting turn of events which was marked by fate!

Number Six: He is a Twin. Vin Diesel has a twin-brother, but itis important to note that he looks nothing like him. The twin is also in the business, but he is a film editor.

Number Seven: Vin is a Spielberg Fan. He is a huge fan of Steven Spielberg. He wrote a letter to the famous director expressing how much he looks up to him and labeled Schindler’s List as one of his favorites.

Number Eight: Diesel is a Nerd at Heart. Despite being known for his muscles and attitude, the actor is also quite the nerd, as it seems. He plays the awesome card game Dungeons & Dragons, which is commonly known as DnD. He’s been playing since he was just 12 y.o.

Number Nine: NYC Wasn’t Impressed. He first began pursuing a screenwriting career in NYC. Quickly, though, he quit and went to LA since his professors did not seem very impressed about his work.

Number Ten: Vin Diesel is Directed. Certainly, he is known for his acting, but the man is directed too. His directorial debut was a film called Multi-Facial, which was shot for $3,000 and screened at CFF.

Number Eleven: Vin Could Have Been Daredevil. When the film Daredevil was about to be made, he got the original offer. Of course, by the end of things, the role ended up going to Ben Affleck. Just one too many blind characters to portray, perhaps?

Number Twelve: He Got His Name From This Moment. For most people who know something about Vin Diesel, its that he wasn’t born with that name. He got his new name, though, from working as a bouncer when he was in his late teens. Thanks for reading!

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