Victoria’s Secret is a popular designer and marketer of women’s lingerie, womenswear, and beauty products. This is the ultimate destination to find the perfect, most stylish bras, and we are here to show you the best of the best! Follow along to find all of the best-selling brands that Victoria’s Secret has to offer.

Number One: Very Sexy® Infinity Edge™ Push-Up. Making number one on our list, it seems like everyone wants to feel sexy in this best-selling creation. This bra has given millions a way to feel good about looking great.

Number Two: Body by Victoria® IPEX Full® Coverage. Everyone has raved about this Victoria’s Secret modest bra for years for its extreme comfort and support. The unique IPEX technology fits itself to every form for the ultimate performance from your brassiere.

Number Three: Very Sexy® Secret Embrace™ Push-Up Bra. This amazing creation has a unique material and edge, and push up it really does. It is padded to provide the ultimate life as well as a sexy cleavage line, and can even be worn as a halter.

Number Four: Angels by Victoria’s Secret® Secret Embrace™ Invisible Lace Push-Up. When endorsed by such beautiful busts, how could you not adore this classic Victoria’s Secret piece? The double-strap edge and classy touch of lace make comfortability possible for any occasion.

Number Five: VS Cotton™ Lightly Lined Full Coverage. This Victoria’s Secret sporty-yet-sexy model offers a fresh and comfy remix on the standard bra. Sporting its success with both endurance and style, it definitely adds new look to support.

Number Six: Victoria’s Secret VS Cotton™ Lightly Lined Plunge Bra. This sporty classic model definitely earned its place on the list. It’s fit for a variety of occasions, and is incredibly comfortable. Your man will still think it is sexy!

Number Seven: Body by Victoria® IPEX® Wireless. The classic. When wireless and IPEX technology first joined together, it was a match made by Angels. This luxurious bra offered all the support and comfort with the sexiest of plunges. Thanks for reading!

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