Uniqlo has quickly become one of the most popular apparel brands. The company is known for its sturdy, long-lasting basics that don’t cost an arm and a leg. However, despite the fact that the Japanese retailer spent a considerable amount of time in the spotlight there are still some interesting facts many people don’t know.

Number One: Uniqlo Donated Over 11 Million Pieces of Clothing to Refugees. The company regularly recycles old clothes to give away to refugee camps all over the world. As of 2014, the company had donated over 11 million pieces to refugee camps, homeless shelters, and disaster victims.

Number Two: They Will Tailor Your Jeans for Free. If you buy jeans at Uniqlo for more than $20, you can get them tailored in-store for free! For jeans less than $20, there is a $5 fee.

Number Three: Hello Kitty Campaign. The company partnered with Sanrio in 2012 to make a campaign centering around Hello Kitty. The campaign was designed to raise awareness of cervical cancer.

Number Four: Every Store Has the Same Poster. In the manager’s office of every single Uniqlo, there’s a special poster. The poster reads “Always follow company direction. Do not work your own way.” A little creepy, but it seems to be working.

Number Five: Every Employee Must Memorize Six Phrases. These phrases range from “Did you find everything you are looking for?” to “Thank you for waiting.” They mostly involve greeting, helping, and saying goodbye to customers.

Number Six: One Phrase Is on the List Twice for a Reason. The phrase “Did you find everything you are looking for?” is on the list of six phrases twice. This isn’t a mistake! It’s done because the employees are supposed to ask customers this not once, but twice.

Number Seven: Uniqlo Founder Doesn’t Consider it a Fashion Company. The company’s founder Tadashi Yanai sees the company as more tech-oriented than fashion-oriented.

Number Eight: Uniqlo Awards 10 Japanese Students With Scholarships Every Year. Every single year, the company gives ten Japanese graduate students a full-ride to either the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Fashion Institute of Technology, or the Parsons School of Design.

Number Nine: When You Pay With a Credit Card, It Should Be Given Back to You With Two Hands. All of the store’s employees are supposedly trained to hand back credit cards and receipts with both hands. They are trained this way because this is how it’s traditionally done in Japan.

Number Ten: The company employs the Most Disabled People of Any Japanese Company. The company has no problem with disabilities, and this is evident in the fact that it has a higher percentage of disabled employees than any other company in Japan. Its worldwide goal is to hire at least one person with special needs for every store it has.

Number Eleven: Uniqlo Made Olympic Uniforms. In 1998, 2002, and 2004, the company made uniforms for Japan’s Olympic teams.

Number Twelve: The Company’s Most Profitable Day Was November 11, 2001. November 11, 2001, marked the opening day of the company’s Seoul location. In that day, the Seoul location alone brought in $1.16 million.

Number Thirteen: Of All the Countries That Have Uniqlo, Germany Has the Least. Disregarding countries that don’t have any Uniqlo locations, Germany has the fewest of all. There’s only one location, and it’s in Berlin. In contrast, Tokyo has 99.

Number Fourteen: Before it Was Uniqlo, it Was ‘Unique Clothing Warehouse’. The name “Uniqlo” is a portmanteau of “unique” and “clothing,” but the company’s full name used to be Unique Clothing Warehouse.

Number Fifteen: The Sizes Have Changed Over Time. When the company first introduced locations in America, it upped the clothing sizes to match its heftier American market. However, after realizing that its customer base liked the smaller, Japanese sizes more, they changed the sizes back.