U2 is one of the most recognizable and well-known rock groups in the world. The Irish rock band featuring Bono shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Here MusicSnake Magazine presents a list of 10 surprising facts you didn’t know about U2.

Number One: Adam Clayton from U2 Has Worn the Same Bracelet Since He Was 21

Adam Clayton was given a jade bracelet when he was 21 years old that he has amazingly never taken off. However, there is no special significant to the bracelet; he simply says that he is unable to take it off.

Number Two: U2 Recorded the Acoustic Version of Songs of Innocence in a Week

Though they spent multiple years on developing Songs of Innocence, the band was able to record the acoustic version featured on the deluxe edition in just a single week. Impressive!

Number Three: The Band is Afraid of Being Ignored

In an interview, the Edge revealed that part of the reason U2 developed that controversial deal with iTunes is because they were afraid their album would be ignored. They mentioned that they had seen so many artists release good albums that just went unnoticed, and though they have a loyal fanbase, they feared it would happen to them as well.

Number Four: They Weren’t Always U2

In fact, before they began calling themselves U2, they tried out the Larry Mullen Band, the Hype, and Feedback. U2 ended up being the name that they liked the most.

Number Five: There is a Song That Features a Conversation Between Bono and his Younger Self

It’s true. Specifically, the second verse of “Volcano” involves Bono’s younger self saying things to his current self.

Number Six: Larry Mullen Is Too Good at the Drums

While making Songs of Innocence, a producer actually wanted Mullen to change his performance so it was “less perfect.” The producer said he wanted the song to sound “live,” despite the fact that it literally was being played live.

Number Seven: The Edge Has Been to Coachella

In 2014, the Edge went to Coachella to scope out the talent. He said that he was a big fan of Skrillex, Cage the Elephant and Broken Bells.

Number Eight: Bono’s Glasses aren’t a Gimmick

He has glaucoma, which is an incurable condition that can end up damaging the optic nerve. He wears glasses to protect his already sensitive eyes.

Number Nine: Bono Channeled Bob Dylan for “Every Breaking Wave”

In fact, Bono initially wanted the song to have a similar sound to Bob Dylan‘s “Every Grain of Sand.” He began imagining the song in the vein of Dylan after he learned that “Every Grain of Sand” was Steve Jobs’ favorite song.

Number Ten: Bono Is a Fan of Future Islands

Bono has said that he’s a big fan of the indie band Future Islands. He said, “That song, ‘Seasons’? A miracle, that is.”