Twenty One Pilots has been getting a lot of buzz over the last few years for their genre-bending style and attention-grabbing live shows. Their poetic, uninhibited, stream-of-consciousness lyrics have resonated with fans around the world. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of top 10 facts you probably didn’t know about twenty one pilots.

Number One: Twenty One Pilots Shot a Music Video at Will Smith’s Ranch

One of the band’s most interesting music videos, “House of Gold” features the band in the middle of nowhere, with their legs severed from their bodies. The location is pretty interesting as well. It was filmed at a ranch just north of Los Angeles, which is owned by Will Smith.

Number Two: They Won’t Tell You What Their Logo Means

Tyler Joseph created the twenty one pilots logo himself, which he calls “the kitchen sink.” He has stated that the logo means something to him and that since he is the only person who knows what it means, it has purpose for him. If he tells, it will lose purpose.

Number Three: Josh Dun Used to Drum for House of Heroes

Before joining twenty one pilots, Josh Dun was the touring drummer for a rock band House of Heroes. After original members Nick Thomas and Chris Salih left the band, Dun, who worked at Guitar Center with Salih, was introduced to Joseph and they began playing together.

Number Four: The Band Was Tattooed on Stage

Both Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph have “X” tattoos that they received onstage in Columbus, Ohio. Meant to symbolize the dedication of their hometown fans, Joseph got his on his forearm and Dun got his behind his right ear.

Number Five: They Came From an Arthur Miller Play

While Tyler Joseph was enrolled in college, he was studying Miller’s play All My Sons, about a man who must make an ethical decision after knowingly selling defective airplane parts to the Air Force, which killed 21 pilots during WWII. Inspired by this moral dilemma, Joseph named the band “twenty one pilots.”

Number Six: Christian People, But Not Christian Artists

Both Josh and Tyler have stated that they are Christians, but have made it a point not to tell people what to believe with their music. Because their beliefs are important to them, there are a number of instances where their religion comes through in their lyrics and imagery.

Number Seven: Tyler Joseph Acted in a Video Series for His Church

Before the duo became big, Tyler Joseph showed off his acting chops in a video he made with a couple of people from his church in Ohio. Titled The (moderately inspiring tale of the) Longboard Rodeo Tango, he plays an intern who finds his constituents have a skateboard gang. The mockumentary can still be found on YouTube.

Number Eight: The Band Put Their Grandfathers on the Cover of their Major Label Debut

The two elderly men on the cover of the band’s Fueled by Ramen debut are Josh Dun’s and Tyler Joseph’s paternal grandfathers. Dun and Joseph thought it would be cool to do it since no one has done it before.

Number Nine: The Duo Used to Try to Get Venue Workers to Pay Attention at Shows

When the band was still a local band in Columbus, Ohio, they used to try to get the attention of anyone in the venue they were playing to take notice. This included the bartenders working there. Tyler Joseph said in an interview that it was always the band’s goal to get the people who work at the venue to stop what they are doing and look up at the stage, even for just a moment.

Number Ten: Tyler Once Kicked Someone Out of a Show

Tyler stopped a show one time because he saw a guy punched a girl in the audience. Once he stopped the set, he and a number of other people kicked the guy out of the venue.