There is always a little bit of luck involved in the startup journey. Entrepreneurs often need to try to stretch their budget and allocate enough funds toward both product development and team building. Though every business person understands that the popularity of a company determines its success, there is often not enough money left for content marketing and PR.

Sadly, up until now, startups had to deal with ineffective PR agents who approached the subject in a traditional way (by spamming journalists). Luckily for many, though, the old approach is over. Today, a leading Silicon Valley marketing and PR firm, Global Marketing, has a better solution to offer.

Here Is What Startups Did in the Past

Traditionally, small startups would hire a full-time or part-time PR person who (for a compensation of $3,000 to $10,000) would “spam” journalists and eventually get some coverage done. This coverage could be as simple as 3-4 plain articles published by tier 3 or tier 4 publications. Famous publishers tend not to cover stories about little-known brands unless there is something hot happening and everyone is talking about it. Professional journalists value their time, so they will most likely skip your press release. Moreover, with the old-fashioned PR approach, there is always a risk of stepping on someone else’s toes and be “hit in the face” with negative feedback.

So, how does a startup reach its audience through high-quality coverage if it has very little money left for content marketing and PR? Luckily for many, Global Marketing came up with the answer to that.

What Is the Top Content Marketing and PR Solution?

For promising startups that need media coverage and PR, Global Marketing has created a special service package that includes guaranteed coverage by online publications that are in its media network. For $3,700/month (month-to-month contract) or $3,300/month (6-month contract), the Global Marketing team will write and publish a total of 15 articles/month across its network of websites.

The professional writers and editors will create unique coverage based on the info from clients’ press releases. If there are no press releases provided by the client, the Global Marketing’s Editorial Team will perform its own research and deliver quality content (for example, reviews of a product) without the need for a press release. The coverage published on Global Marketing’s media network is meant to generate buzz. So, there will likely be more attention going to your brand outside of’s network of publishers.

Global Marketing Creates Domino’s Effect When It Comes to PR

As previously mentioned, professional journalists follow trends to stay relevant. They cover stories that are worth their time. Thus, you want your startup to stand out and EARN the attention of top-tier publications like Forbes, TechCrunch, and HuffPost. To do so, you want a large number of people to talk about you and your brand. With high volumes of consistently published articles on Google News via Global Marketing’s network of publishers, you will increase your chances of being noticed by more media outlets.

Thankfully, the world is getting better, and there are more marketing and PR opportunities for small businesses. With the help of Global Marketing, startups can now be heard. Learn more about the Content Marketing Solution mentioned above here.

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