Teacup pigs, also known as micro and pocket pigs, can actually fit into a small teacup when they’re really young! They are undeniably adorable, cuddly and smart. Lately, they’re popular pets for celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton and Rupert Grint! Read on for interesting facts about the teacup pig.

Number One: Teacup Pigs Make Cool Sounds. If you ever thought pigs could only squeal, you’d be wrong! They make lots of cool noises including grunting, barking, honking, and of course, squealing. In fact, the mother pig while nursing her piglets will sing softly to her young in pig language. She’ll make a soft grunting sound that has some rhythm to it, reminiscent of a human mother singing softly to her own baby.

Number Two: They Have A Great Sense of Direction. If you ever accidentally lose your pig or if it runs away in search of adventure, don’t worry, your pet will easily find its way home! They have a wonderful sense of direction and find their way home even from long distances.

Number Three: They Are Ideal Pets For People With Allergies. Teacup pigs are hypoallergenic. They don’t have fur, they have hair, which they shed every summer. Make sure you’re fine with cleaning up all the hair they’ll shed. They’ll also be itching like crazy during this period and you’ll need to be extra-patient with them. You can help ease their discomfort with some extra brushing to pull out loose hairs.

Number Four: In Some Cities, They Are Not Considered Pets. If you’re thinking about owning a teacup pig, check your city’s by-laws first because some cities consider them as livestock. Such cities prohibit keeping teacup pigs as pets.

Number Five: They Don’t Sweat. Yes, they’re very “cool,” but also literally, they don’t sweat! Teacup pigs need frequent baths in water or mud to cool down their temperature as they tend to overheat in hot weather. They love playing in mud, but are in fact known as very clean animals. Why? They won’t dare use the bathroom where they eat or sleep. If you’re squeamish about letting them play in mud, don’t worry, they love water-baths too!

Number Six: They Are Very Intelligent. Teacup pigs are the third most intelligent animal behind dolphins and chimps. They can beat young kids at playing video games! Tests have found that teacup pigs are more intelligent than three to five-year-olds and also some primates. They have great memories, remembering things long past. They understand emotions like forgiveness, love and hate. They also have a keen sense of observation as they tend to learn while watching other pigs and even human beings.

Number Seven: A Teacup Pig Requires Care. Like any other pet, teacup pigs need veterinary checkups on a regular basis. You would need to find a vet specializing in pigs and livestock. They also need to get neutered or spayed. Keep in mind, too many pigs end up getting rescued or abandoned. Keeping a teacup pig for their lifetime is not an easy task.

Number Eight: Teacup Pigs Are Ordinary Pot-Bellied Pigs. Yes, the best was saved for last. Teacup pigs are basically a marketing scheme to fool people into thinking they actually stay small all their lives. The truth is, they’re ordinary pot-bellied pigs and on average become 200 pounds or so. It doesn’t matter what breeders tell you. Even Paris Hilton’s adorable teacup pig became over 100 pounds! Luckily she’s wealthy enough to keep her pet Princess Pigelette cared for and safe in one of her lavish abodes.

If you dreamed about having a teacup pig as a pet, know exactly what you’re getting into. These animals require a lot of care, grow to a huge size regardless of what breeders tell you, and it might even be illegal in your city to keep as a pet. Maybe just fawn over their cute pictures instead! Thanks for reading.

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