Welcome to the Digital era. The 21st century is home to technological advancements designed to make like so much easier. Yet, these marvels come with their own set of problems. Though healthcare has improved for millions, there are still everyday problems people faced that can be aided by technology. Here are seven products that will enhance your health in the short and long run.

Smart Watches

Today, the average watch does a lot more than just tell time. It’s your best friend for everyday life, including fitness.

The average Smartwatch monitors:

  • Heart rate
  • Breathing
  • Steps and stairs
  • Calories burned
  • Active minutes
  • GPS location
  • Sleep duration and quality

Knowing your statistics can give you peace of mind and a much better grip on your health.

Options for a smartwatch have a huge range.  If you’re simply looking for a fitness and health tracker, then there are options such as the Fitbit and the Garmin.  The Apple Watch is a much more advanced option and will automatically sync to your phone.

Ooler Sleep System

Did you know that before you fall asleep, your body temperature drops by 1 degree (Fahrenheit)? Furthermore, during REM sleep, the body temperature fluctuates generally within two degrees of the average. 

What happens if the body doesn’t drop the temperature?  This is where most people have trouble sleeping.  If the body can’t stay in the two-degree range, that means that many ends up waking up in the middle of the night sweaty or shivering. 

The outside world is what influences body temperature.  But no one can fully control that, right?  No, but you can get close.

For sleeping in a cooler bed, the Ooler sleep system, a thermal system that fits under your sheets.  Using it, you can set a temperature anywhere from 55-115 degrees (Fahrenheit).  It has options for one or two people, and an app that lets you set up your sleep schedule, so it knows the preferred temperature for the time.

Light Masks

Let’s face it; life brings us plenty of stress. As if the stress wasn’t bad enough, it has some nasty side effects, like acne.  You have that interview coming that you spent all yesterday preparing for and what do you notice?  A brand-new zit on a fateful day.

There are creams, treatments, and a host of vitamins. Of course, technology is involved too!

Light masks have led to considerable improvements in acne treatment. Over 10 minutes, they use blue and red light to eliminate bacteria. They work extremely well.  Users report that 70 percent of their acne cleared up within 8-10 days. 

Muscle Massage Pads

Soreness is a part of life. Whether it’s from working out or sitting in an office chair, you’re likely to experience it. A massage is a great fix, but they’re expensive, and it can be hard to get an appointment.

Mechanical massage pads are a great alternative. They attach to skin a non-harmful way and use pressure and shocks to massage muscles.

Rather than fight for an appointment, you can use these any time you like.

Air Purifiers

Pollution is getting worse every day, and it does impact our health. There are several contaminants out there, and it’s not like you can just wear a mask all day.

Though it’s hard to watch out for everything, in-home air purifiers are a fantastic invention.  They work by taking in dangerous particles and pushing out clean air.

They can come with reusable or disposable filters, though research shows that disposable filters work better. 

Air purifiers can clear smoke, dust pollen, and other pollutants. 

Smart Headbands

Technology comes up with all sorts of things, and smart headbands are the new guy in town.  Currently, they don’t have a set “skill group.”

Some are designed as a sleeping aid. They monitor your brainwaves and sleep stages.  Soothing melodies can also be played to help you relax. In addition, they have a feature known as the smart alarm, which chooses the optimal time to wake you up, so you aren’t feeling groggy as you start your day.

Other smart headbands measure emotion and brain impulses.  They can give you a reading on your current mental status and even help influence your brain for more positive and productive moods.

Water Purifiers

Many would think that tap water is safe. The truth is, it can contain many tiny sediments, chemicals, viruses, and bacteria. Water may be an essential life building block, but what do you do when it isn’t good for your health?

Water purifiers remove all these harmful pollutants, making it safe to drink. It’s much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than constantly buying bottled water, and it tastes better too!

Technology is beautiful. It’s created many things in our lives, and these products are great examples. They can help you live your life on a healthier note!