You might not spend hours searching out the world’s best doctor every time you have to get a physical, but the stories of these 5 worst doctors may change your mind.

Dr. Cecil Jacobson / Top 5 Worst Doctors in the World

Cecil Jacobson was a renowned fertility specialist working in Vienna until people discovered that his “miracle elixir” was his own sperm. Rather than help women become pregnant with their sperm of choice, Cecil impregnated more than fifty women with his own semen without telling them.

Dr. Josef Mengele

J.Mengele was a physician in Auschwitz during WWII. Known as the angel of death, he sent anyone who was ill or weak to the gas chamber where he performed evil experiments on men, women, and children. Twins were his favorite subjects and Mengele often performed experiments with no anesthetic and while his subjects were still conscious.

Dr. John Bodkin Adams

Through the 10 year period between 1946 and 1956, Bodkin Adams helped kill more than 160 patients to get their money. He fraudulently changed their wills so that he got their money, and then he would use prescription drugs and painkillers to quickly and suspiciously kill his patients.

Dr. Lufti Dervishi

He took advantage of poor people by promising to pay them if they donated their organs. However, the reality was much more grim. After harvesting vulnerable people’s organs, Lufti Dervishi and his team would leave them without any care and refused to pay them. The criminal then sold their organs on the black market.

Dr. John Hall

John Hall was a dentist who liked to put his penis in his patients’ mouths. He would send his assistants out of the room during his surgeries and tell his patients to swallow a syringe of unidentified liquid that would allegedly help “clean” their mouths. However, the syringes were filled with his own semen. John Hall spent just four months in prison for his horrid acts.

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