Underrated tech startup companies are a common thing in the modern world. It often happens that great ideas get left unnoticed in the tangles of modern-day information. It is especially the case in situations when founders do NOT allocate enough efforts toward promoting their products. Whether there are limitations in budget or lack of interest in self-promotion, the fact is there. In this article, we will outline the top 4 underrated tech startups according to the leading digital marketing agencies in Silicon Valley, KV Marketing (founded by Ivan Kv) and Global Marketing (founded by Fred King).

Top 4 Underrated Tech Startups That Offer Great Products
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YouHodler is a crypto-backed lending platform that offers significant value to the crypto community. By offering almost-instant crypto loans with the highest LTV ratio and supporting a wide range of top digital coins as collateral (including BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, LTC, EOS, and DASH), this company is gradually earning its reputation in amongst crypto traders and HODLers.

Unfortunately, not everything has flowed smoothly for YouHodler. The company faced some negative PR in the media after YouHodler’s platform was hacked, and the sensitive information of users was exposed. Similar to other hack situations, such as the cyber-attacks on Bitrue, Binance, Mt. Gox, and others, YouHodler suffered from the malicious activities of dishonest people.

Despite its downfalls, YouHodler’s strongest point is that its team consists of experts in the crypto field. Founded by tech guru Ilya Volkov, a serial entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in fintech and risk management, the startup holds decades of combined experience in the fintech field. YouHodler’s CTO, Renat Gafarov, is a pioneer in the crypto space who helped to create popular platforms such as Cointelegraph, ICObench, ICObazaar, BestRate, and XCOEX before joining YouHodler.


Yva.ai, an AI-powered employee engagement and performance platform, is a promising player that only needs a little bit more marketing exposure in the current digital space. The Silicon Valley-based startup is delivering great achievements in the sphere of behavioral analytics and performance metrics. However, the majority of the AI community reps are still not aware of Yva.ai and its vast potential.

With its expert startup founders, David Yang and Gary A. Fowler, Yva.ai is likely predestined for success. Slowly but surely, the startup is working its way to its bright future.


SumSub.com is a KYC and AML compliance app that comes with a variety of useful tools and a cool, minimalist design. An all-in-one platform for its customers, Sum&Substance is arguably the most competitive KYC and AML service provider, and it deserves far more attention in the crypto space. Its pricing and simplicity, when it comes to onboarding customers, makes this service provider exceptional.

Led and managed by founders Andrey Severyukhin, Peter Sever, Jacob Sever, and Vyacheslav Zholudev, Sum&Substance is surely one of the most underrated companies with huge potential. Let us see what is going to happen with these guys in the upcoming years.


Lookback is a product that is designed to improve communication between service providers and service consumers. Though whales like Facebook, Netflix, and Etsy have already started using the company’s services, Lookback is still relatively unknown.

The company is led by its tech pioneer and CEO, Henrik Mattsson, Code Poet Nevyn Bengtsson, Head of Strategy and Team Jonatan Littke, and Head of Security and Infrastructure Carl Littke.

The combination of sharp and united minds and a unique and handy product makes Lookback stand out amongst its competitors. It is just a matter of time before the company changes its status from “underrated” to “widely used and famous.”