When is the last time you lost your keys? It is very common for small objects we use all the time to disappear, but what happens when massive objects go missing? These four stories detail the disappearances of four massive objects (or groups of people) who have yet to be found.

Number One: The Missing Crew Aboard the Marie Celeste. In December of 1872, a large ship was spotted off of Portugal’s coast. However, when it was investigated by the British, they found that not a single crew member remained on the ship. Everyone’s belongings were there, and there was also enough food for a crew of 10 people to last. The only thing missing was a single lifeboat, and there were no clues in the captain’s log as to why the crew went missing.

Number Two: Mystery of the Missing Sculpture. Famous statue artist Richard Serra once constructed a statue that weighed 42 tons, or 92,000 pounds and was 5 feet wide. However, the sculpture went missing after being locked in a storage unit for 15 years. The statue was moved to the storage facility while the museum was undergoing renovations, and when the curator went to retrieve the statue in 1990, he was met with an empty room. Despite the massive size of the statue – it would take heavy machinery to move the sculpture a single inch – the mystery of the missing statue has never been solved.

Number Three: The Lost Colony of Roanoke. In 1587, the governor of Roanoke Island in North Carolina was John White. White had to leave for a small period of time and told his colony that he would be back shortly. Unfortunately, he was caught in the crossfire of naval wars and did not return until three years later in 1590. When he returned, every single settler was gone, and there was no trace of anybody. The only clue that remained in Roanoke was the word “Croatoan” that was etched into a tree. More than 100 colonists disappeared completely without a trace.

Number Four: The Flight 19 Fiasco. In December of 1945, there were several prop-driven torpedo bombers launched from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for a training exercise. However, the torpedos lost their positions after about 90 minutes and disappeared off of the grid. Though ships and air crafts scanned the surrounding waters in one of the biggest ever military searches, the torpedos were never found. It is rumored that they disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle. Thanks for reading!

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