After visiting the 500 Startups Demo Day (Batch 25), thanks to a warm invitation from Kate Seledets in Accelerator Operations, I was lucky enough to obtain an opportunity to witness pitches by some of the most promising startup founders from around the world. To my pleasant surprise, there was a good number of fairly unique concepts. So, below is my list of the top 3 promising startups that are graduates from 500 Startups Batch 25.

Top 3 Promising Startups From 500 Startups Batch 25


VP Business Development Mathieu Guerville
Mathieu Guerville, VP Business Development at Tradespace

Those who understand the value of Intellectual Property will agree that the topic deserves attention. Tradespace is a platform that offers this sort of attention. The company connects buyers and sellers of IPs and makes the IP transaction process easy and efficient.

In the traditional B2B world, companies have to engage lawyers, brokers, and consultants to buy, sell, or license a patent. The cost and complexities associated with IP-related activities result in 95% of inactive participants, IP holders who do not engage in the patent transaction process.

Tradespace offers a solution for the current $200B problem; this solution has the potential to join an even bigger market. As the efficiencies of the processes mentioned above increase, the market size will likely increase, too.

CEO Alec Sorensen’s pitch on the stage, as well as my conversation with VP Business Development Mathieu Guerville, left me with positive thoughts. I believe that Tradespace is a company to watch in the upcoming years.

Top 3 Promising Startups From 500 Startups Batch 25
500 Startups Demo Day, Tradespace CEO Alec Sorensen’s pitch on the stage


500 Startups Demoday
Quoc Tran, Director of Engineering at Curie

Led by Michael Agustin, an experienced AI professional, Curie is a gold nugget in the AI world. This startup is, perhaps, the only one that truly left me speechless for a moment.

Curie is an AI-driven application that helps one make a purchase decision instantly. All you have to do, as a consumer, is to take your cellphone out of your pocket, point the phone’s camera at a product, let the AI app scan and recognize the consumer good, and get all the information that you need to know about the specific item.

Useful for both buyers and sellers, Curie seems like a hidden gem in the world of consumer goods. I am also sure that advertisers will be happy to jump on the new type of digital inventory that is offered by Curie’s application.

500 Startups Demoday, Curie’s CEO Michael Augustin’s pitch on the stage
500 Startups Demo Day, Curie’s CEO Michael Augustin’s pitch on the stage


500 Startups Demoday, Nanogrid’s CEO Jon McKay
Nanogrid’s CEO, Jon McKay

The modern world consumes a lot of electricity on a day-to-day basis. The majority of us purchase the energy at default prices without getting opportunities to lower the costs of our utility bills. Nanogrid offers a simple solution that tackles this major problem. The company provides software that can reprogram your Tesla or water heater and make it select the best electricity rates at the best periods.

The advanced energy forecast that Nanogrid offers targets homeowners. The software is capable of working with electric car chargers, back-up batteries, electric water heaters, and many other devices.

Though the solution itself represents value, I feel the need to outline the first impression that Nanogrid’s CEO, Jon McKay, made on me. The entrepreneur seems to be extremely passionate about the company’s product. It gives me, a potential consumer, more confidence to try out Nanogrid. Why not save some money on a Tesla charge?

500 Startups Demoday, Nanogrid’s CEO Jon McKay’s pitch on the stage
500 Startups Demo Day, Nanogrid’s CEO Jon McKay’s pitch on the stage

My Takeaway

The biggest advantages of the above startups lie in the companies’ choices of focus. The ability to satisfy a world that is consuming more by the day is undoubtedly a sign of long-term thinking. Thus, startups in the AI, IP, and Energy Efficiency fields certainly have high chances to dominate world headlines.

500 Startups Demo Day (Batch 25)
500 Startups Demo Day (Batch 25)