This article is a subjective vision of Silicon Valley-based media and marketing entrepreneurs, Fred King of Global Marketing, and Ivan Kv of KV Marketing. The information is based on independent research and subjective analysis.

Utopia Music

Founded in 2016, Utopia Music is a Switzerland-based company that leverages blockchain technology to provide transparency, fairness and smart contract-based payment processing to the music industry. The company positions itself as the new eco-system for the music industry. And indeed the concept looks rather unique and beneficial for the whole entertainment business. However, while Mattias Hjelmstedt, the CEO of Utopia, showed in-depth knowledge of the music industry and its history, and recognized the needs of the music market at CryptoSummit Zurich 2018, the company is still not well-known to the general public in the industry. Despite the company’s uniqueness and dedication, we still don’t see any changes in traffic on SimilarWeb or strong news presence on Google News timeline.


This is another great blockchain concept. Blockparty is a blockchain-based live event ticketing platform that was founded in 2017 and raised $1M on investment. The company and its CEO Shiv Madan aim to eradicate bots, eliminate fraud, verify ownership and create real demand for an optimal event ticketing experience for consumers. It’s really useful nowadays when you cannot easily buy tickets to trending shows because they are scooped by bots in mere seconds. So it would be phenomenal if this concept gained more visibility. However, this case looks similar to the previous one. Working hard for 2 years the company is still barely visible on the web. The news presence is also minimal.


Travala is the next-generation travel agency that’s pioneering the cost-efficient future of online travel. The company was able to raise a £377.9K investment and, according to the company’s press release, the platform has 567,928 properties across 210 countries. 

Despite the innovative concept, Travala’s marketing approach is still very “traditional”: google ads, press releases, etc. And with this impressive database and user-friendly interface, one would expect more visitors to the company’s website.

Fred King – | Ivan Kv –

Why do outstanding companies sometimes do not get the visibility they deserve? Fred King: “In most cases it happens because new-concept companies use old-school marketing and PR tactics. They throw money on press-release bombings and useless ad campaigns with zero conversion and keep paying in-house marketing professionals that do not deliver results. It happened numerous times that agile and innovative startups succeeded despite competition from well-established mammoths thanks to a unique concept and a creative marketing strategy (DocuSign vs. Adobe is one example). But, of course, there’s always potential for failure if precious time is spent on building the “perfect” product instead of marketing (classic example is Vimeo vs. YouTube, where Vimeo launched its platform one year before YouTube, but YouTube marketed aggressively and eventually was acquired by Google).” Ivan Kv: “I agree, this is the most common case. Almost all of our current clients found us after they had already spent months, sometimes years, on ineffective marketing. We tailor to their unique needs, provide creative solutions and deliver results. This is what makes us different. And, most importantly, this helps our clients succeed.”