There have been several leading online publications in the publishing business. Some of the biggest sites include Cointelegraph, Coindesk, CCN, and NewsBTC. Though the above mentioned online magazines are still prevalent in the crypto community, the game is gradually changing. Thus, there are new sites that are steadily catching up with already known leaders. In this article, we outline the top 3 brand new leading blockchain and cryptocurrency online publications, according to a leading Silicon Valley marketing agency,

Top 1 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Online Publication: DifferentWho

Traditionally, news publishers focus on stating facts. However, DifferentWho has a slightly different approach in this matter. Instead of rewriting press releases, the editorial team of this company is focusing on researching the industry and selecting unique concepts in the crypto and blockchain market. The popularity of these new concepts does not matter. The key goal of DifferentWho is to bring awareness to new ideas that involve the use of new technologies. There is always something worthy of attention. 

Top 2 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Online Publication: RollStroll

RollStroll is a non-traditional, humorous, and offbeat online publication that covers fun and entertaining topics, including distributed ledgers and digital coins. Unlike the majority of “serious” online magazines, RollStroll’s goal is to deliver information in the most entertaining and engaging format possible.

Top 3 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Publication: MysticSauce

Partially opinionated, this online publication covers the mysterious side of the topics such as the crypto market. Full of “magic,” skepticism, and alternative opinions, this website is nothing like other online papers in the field. There is a unique twist in every content piece published by this website. Some of the topics covered on MysticSauce include speculations involving aliens, myths, religious beliefs, and conspiracy theories. This publication is indeed full of mystery.

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