Establishing a profitable blockchain brand takes time and money. The process doesn’t stop there. Brands must be consistent in communicating their messages to their clients. The quality of the branding can make the difference between $1 million and $1 billion in potential revenues. In this article, we have combined the list of top 3 blockchain brands with worthy concepts but poor branding.

Thank you, Ivan Kv (the head of KV Marketing) and Fred King (the head of for reviewing the below brands and offering recommendations on how the below companies can improve.

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Fred King, Ivan Kv


Polymath Network is a leading decentralized protocol that is truly unique in the market. The company is a real game-changer that makes raising capital and creating security tokens easier. Though Polymath offers tremendous value to the market, its branding could have been executed more effectively.

Despite its high domain authority ranking, has very low traffic on its website. Poor SEO optimization, paired with the low-quality content, negatively affect this brand.

stats polymath

There were barely any big news or announcements about Polymath on the web since November 20, 2018. The Public Relations department could have done a better job here.

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Suggestions: Hiring a professional SEO company would help improve the website’s technical SEO and organic traffic. Hiring a quality PR team that has access to top-tier publications would help increase the overall online presence of the brand.


aelf earned its reputation by offering a fantastic concept of the Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network. Because of aelf, the blockchain community is now offered a vast number of technological advancements in the cloud computing world. Though aelf represents the power and future of blockchain, there is not much buzz about this company on the web. Just like Polymath, is low on organic traffic.

Top 3 Blockchain Brands with Worthy Concepts but Poor Branding

Aelf has very little presence in top-tier publications (such as Forbes or Cointelegraph). The majority of media outlets that covered the news on aelf included Tier 3 websites.

Top 3 Blockchain Brands with Worthy Concepts but Poor Branding

Suggestions: By engaging with the top-tier publications, the power of the company’s messages delivered in the media would increase. Content marketing service providers offer help in this niche. By relocating the blog section from Medium to a subfolder of the main domain (such as, aelf could increase its chances to generate more organic traffic. A reputable SEO company would help aelf increase its SEO ranking and grow its organic search traffic quickly to up to 50,000-100,000 organic visitors per month in one to three months.


Enigma is a computation protocol that brings decentralization to the next level. Privacy is critical in the modern age of cyber activity. Enigma is one of the key participants of the privacy game, as it is bringing privacy to any type of computation (not just transactions). Enigma is a true leader in the blockchain community, as it has the support of thousands of community members.

Unlike the previous two brands, Enigma has some decent presence online. With its average 57,000 monthly visitors per month, is doing reasonably well. However, this traffic could have been a lot higher if the website optimization was performed more effectively. With an existing DA = 54 and PA = 50, Enigma already has the DA and PA that it needs to generate organic traffic as high as 200,000 monthly visitors.

Top 3 Blockchain Brands with Worthy Concepts but Poor Branding

There has been barely any news about Enigma for the past month. It looks like Enigma’s PR team is either slow or non-existent.

Top 3 Blockchain Brands with Worthy Concepts but Poor Branding

Suggestions: Better technical SEO optimization of the website would help Enigma significantly increase its traffic. More news and announcements on top-tier publications (such as Forbes, Cointelegraph, etc.) would give this company more buzz online.