Memes are funny, and laughter is what keeps us alive. Fortunately, there are meme creators in the world who help us fill the spaces of the Internet with viral memes; these memes often get stuck in our sensitive human brains. We have been through the viral popularity of the “Gangnam Style” music video, followed by “What Does the Fox Say?” and many other such masterpieces. One new creation of this viral sort is “Strawberries” by music artist Raw Navi.

Top 1 Trending MEME Song This Year – Strawberries

“Strawberries” features the artist Raw Navi posing in a ridiculous strawberry beanie, strawberry logoed T-shirt, and strawberry-colored socks. He dances in the video to the tune of lyrics such as, “When people ask me what I like, I say strawberries.” Of course, the word “strawberries” serves as a double entendre, if we perceived this song correctly. We believe that “Strawberries” is on track to become the top 1 trending meme song of this year.

Strawberries – Number 1 Trending Meme This Year?

“Strawberries” by Raw Navi is quickly becoming a viral phenomenon on the Internet. The music video with the seemingly naïve double entendres is hilarious, dirty, and contagious to watch.

The video is generating views on YouTube, and the question that comes up in our mind is, “Why is the character posing in such a ridiculous strawberry outfit, and what is the real meaning of the song?” The more we think about it, the more hilarious it is.

What Makes the “Strawberries” Music Video Catchy?

When you listen to the song’s beats, you can quickly notice the simplicity of the lyrics, as well as the catchy harmony, chords, and arrangement. The music artist Raw Navi also poses with real strawberries on camera, throwing them around and eating them.

This video is a masterpiece. Nothing is stated directly, but we get the joke. Those strawberries sure look juicy.