Tinder is the most popular dating app in the history. However, despite the fact that the company spent a considerable amount of time in the spotlight, there are still some interesting facts that many people don’t know. Here, MusicSnake Magazine presents a list of fifteen facts you probably didn’t know about Tinder.

Number 1: Several A-List Celebrities Use Tinder. Though the app has come under fire for its low-quality users, there are some major celebrities using it as well. These celebrities include Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Adam Rippon and Lily Allen.

Number 2: ‘Swiping’ Wasn’t a Thing When Tinder First Launched. Though the app is now most well-known for its feature that allows users to swipe left or right, that wasn’t part of the app when it first launched.

Number 3: It Followed in Facebook’s Footsteps. When the app was first launched, only people on college campuses had access to it (which is ironic, considering founder Sean Rad dropped out of college). This is similar to Facebook’s launch, which involved the service only being available to college students as well.

Number 4: Sean Rad Is a College Dropout. Similar to other successful tech startup entrepreneurs, Sean Rad dropped out of college to pursue his own dreams. Thankfully for single people, one of those dreams was creating Tinder.

Number 5: The Country That Uses Tinder the Most Is the United States. The country that uses it second-most is the United Kingdom. In third place is Brazil.

Number 6: You Can Use Tinder to Flirt in 30 Languages. If you’re interested in looking for a match in a different language, you can do that using Tinder. According to their global marketing campaign, Tinder is available in an impressive 30 languages and in more than 140 countries.

Number 7: It’s Owned by the Same People Who Own Match.com. Though some people might argue that Tinder and Match.com are stiff competition, the truth is that they target different markets. Both companies are owned by InterActiveCorp.

Number 8: Tinder Plus Prices Vary With Age. The premium version of the app is totally ageist. Users over the age of 28 are charged more than younger users, and users over 30 years old are charged even more.

Number 9: Men Without Beards Get More Matches. Studies have shown that men who don’t have beards are a staggering 37 percent more likely to get a match than men who do have beards.

Number 10: Tinder’s Founders Met in High School. However, they weren’t friends back then. Founder Sean Rad and Justin Mateen became friends when they were in college at USC.

Number 11: Before Tinder, There Was Matchbox. The app was first called Matchbox. Interestingly, both names have to do with lighting a fire.

Number 12: Ed Sheeran Turned Down the Opportunity to Be Its First Verified Celebrity. Ed Sheeran was reportedly offered the opportunity to be the first celebrity on the app with a verified status, but he said no.

Number 13: Almost Half of Its Users Aren’t Single. This fact is creepy but true. A whopping 42 percent of the app’s users are reportedly in a relationship. Whether or not those relationships are open (or one-sided) is unclear, but the fact remains. Keep that in mind the next time you’re swiping!

Number 14: Women Spend More Time on the App Than Men. It’s not a huge difference, but females spend an average of 8.5 minutes using it when they log on while men tend to spend just 7.2 minutes on the app. There are also more men on the app than women, with a ratio of six men for every four women.

Number 15: The Average User Logs In 11 Times Every Day. Being single sounds like a lot of work. The average user of the app logs into it around 11 times a day.