The Prodigy has been generating buzz among electronic music fans for decades. And though Keith Flint and his death negatively affected the mood and flow of the band, the remaining musicians of The Prodigy are back on track to entertain the crowds. Meanwhile, the new Internet phenomenon Raw Navi is rising on YouTube. And many people compare him to The Prodigy and the craziness that the group brought to the world back in the old days.

Nonstandard Approach

When it comes to music, there are at least three categories of artists. The first type earns popularity with the help of their extreme vocal abilities; Beyonce is one of them. The second category of creators includes those whose dance abilities are beyond reachable; Michael Jackson belongs to this type. Last but not least, the third category of talented individuals includes people who incorporate humor and unusualness into their performance acts; The Prodigy and Raw Navi belong to this third type.

Who Is Raw Navi and Why Do People Compare Him to The Prodigy?

Back in the old days, members of The Prodigy were perceived as freaks (in a good way). Sure, they created some excellent music. However, the band reached the peak of its popularity with the help of the members’ creative looks and nonstandard behavior.

Just like The Prodigy, Raw Navi is earning his popularity through freakish acts and a nonstandard approach. In his music video “Strawberries,” the man (dressed in a strawberry-promoting outfit) is making awkward moves and singing about how he likes strawberries and not bananas. To us, this is wholly original and unusual.

Whether the spike of Internet popularity related to Raw Navi is temporary or permanent is anyone’s guess. For now, we can only see the rising star’s uniqueness in the entertainment field. There is still a lot of room for growth and possible improvement. What is coming next is yet to be discovered.