Everyone loves good party tricks. Here MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of the most impressive tricks you can do with the dollar bill. Don’t worry, it’s all completely legal.

The Dollar Bill Stuck Between Bottles

This little trick is great for challenging your friends at a party. Simply take a beer bottle and set it on a table; place a dollar over this bottle, and balance another bottle, with the nose facing down, on top so that the dollar is held in place between the two. Ask your friends to try and remove the dollar without making the bottles fall. When they fail miserably, show them how it’s done: firmly grab the corner of the dollar, and use your index finger on your opposite hand to smack down (quickly and forcefully) the middle of the dollar. It may take some practice!

The Bill Roll

This is just a fun illusion that might spark some controversy, but amazing all the same. You will need two different bills to get started. Make a sort of awkward T-shape with the two bills, by placing them on a flat surface on top of each other- remember to make a note of which bill is on top, and which is on bottom. The top bill should be perpendicular to the bottom bill, and be placed about an inch from the bottom of the underlying bill (when you look at the bottom bill long-ways). From this point, roll the bills together at an angle. As you roll the bills up, the corners of the bill will poke out of the roll; have an observer place a finger on each of the corners to hold them in place. When you unroll them, the bills will have jumped positions!

Build a Bridge

For this one, you will need a dollar, two sturdy glasses of the same height, and a shot glass. Set up the two glasses about six inches apart, and challenge your friends to build a bridge with the dollar that will support the shot glass. When they give up, amaze them with your secret. All you have to do is take the dollar, and make tiny folds (long-ways) about a centimeter in width, back to back. When this is done correctly, it should look like a long accordion. Place the accordion on top of the cups so that the creases will hold the shot glass, and you can set it right on top!

Physics-Defying Bills

With this trick, you will be able to magically pass one folded bill through another. Take a dollar bill, and fold it lengthwise; then, fold it in half. Take another dollar bill and fold it lengthwise like the first, but then comes the hard part. Make a small Z-shaped fold towards the center of where you folded the first bill so that its makes a small notch, then fold it in half. Be careful to make sure that the ends still match up, so you don’t give away the trick. You want to convince your audience that the bills are folded exactly the same way. Place the normal bill around the notch on the trick bill, so that the folds meet; the notch will make it look like the bills are folded into each other. When setting this up, make sure your audience can’t see the back of the trick bill. Show your audience that the bills are “linked”, and watch the amazement as you pull them apart like magic!

The Flaming Dollar Bill

For this one, you will need a bowl or cup, tongs, a lighter, rubbing alcohol, and some water. In the bowl, mix a solution of half water and half rubbing alcohol, and soak your dollar so it is completely wet. Pick it up with the tongs, and light it on fire. The dollar will ignite (and produce a large flame, so hold it away from you and bystanders), but it will not burn! Be sure to practice fire safety!

The Bill Smile

This one isn’t so much of an amazing trick, but it’s definitely an illusion to make your friends smile. Although, you will need to up the stakes and use a twenty-dollar bill. Firstly, fold the bill hamburger-style, making a crease in the center of Jackson’s nose. Then, unfold it, and you are going to make two more folds: one diagonal fold connecting the far end of his left eyebrow to the left corner of his mouth (crease backwards and unfold), and one connecting the far end of his right eyebrow to the right side of his mouth (crease backwards and unfold). Scrunch up the creases, and tilt the bill back and forth; happy Jackson, sad Jackson, happy Jackson, sad Jackson. This illusion is worth at least a couple laughs!

Under a Bottle

You are going to challenge your friends to remove a dollar from under a beer bottle without knocking it over. Place a dollar on a flat table, and balance a beer bottle upside down on the dollar. Watch your friends knock over the dollar while they try to remove it without touching or knocking over the bottles, and then reveal your secret. Firmly grab the corner of the dollar, and pull lightly while you bang on the table. The bottle won’t fall, but your friends’ jaws will!