We all remember the unusual appearance of an African American “cowboy” and his viral hit “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. The track was surrounded by a lot of controversy and drama. It looks like the times are changing now, and new trends are appearing on the screens of thousands of people. One such phenomenon is “Strawberries,” a humorous meme created by Raw Navi.

Strawberries to Outcompete Old Town Road on YouTube?

Within the first couple of hours after being uploaded, the video generated several thousands of views. And that is crazy if you keep in mind the fact that no one (absolutely no one) knew about Raw Navi just one day ago.

Is It Someone’s Joke or a True Piece of Art?

From first glance, one can see distinct features of comedy in the “Strawberries” video. It is hard to tell if one can call this imitation of a song a true piece of art. However, the reality is in front of our very eyes. If people listen and share something, it might be worth one’s attention. Whoever made this video happen is a wise man.

Who Is Raw Navi and How Did He Manage to Beat the Popularity of the “Old Town Road” Song?

It appears that no one knows about Raw Navi and who this person is. We hope that one day the mysterious figure will appear on the screens of the mainstream television and explain himself and the true meaning behind his “Strawberries” song.

As of right now, we can only enjoy watching the video and monitor the direction of this tsunami on the Internet. We hope that Raw Navi and “Strawberries” will get the attention that they deserve.