Skype is one of the most popular telecommunications applications in the world. However, despite the fact that the company spent more than 15 years in the spotlight and under the scrutiny of the public eye, there are still some interesting facts that many people probably don’t know. Here MusicSnake Magazine presents our list of 15 surprising facts you probably didn’t know about Skype.

Number 1: One-Fourth of Millennials Use Skype

It’s not a secret that people in their 20s and 30s like to stay in touch with the most up-to-date technology. And this is especially true with Skype, because an impressive quarter of all millennials use the service around the globe.

Number 2: The Application is Banned in Some Countries

The service is banned or drastically slowed down in countries such as China, Mexico, and Belize. There are ways to get around this, but they are neither convenient nor easy.

Number 3: Most of Its Development Team Aren’t Based at Its Headquarters

The company’s headquarters are located in Luxembourg; however, nearly half of Skype’s employees work out of Estonia, and most of its development team are there as well.

Number 4: Collaboration with Disney Muppets

The service is collaborating with the BBC, Universal Studios, and Disney Muppets to develop its “Mojis,” which are similar to emojis but are specific to the service.

Number 5: A Lot of Video Footage

It’s true! As of 2017, More Than 2 Trillion Minutes of Skype Video Calls Have Been Made.

Number 6: It’s Not Entirely Safe to Use

There have been several security-related controversies with the service, and not all of them have been solved. For example, a glitch was discovered in 2010 that allowed hackers to secretly track user’s IP addresses, and it hadn’t been resolved as of 2015.

Number 7: It Was the First Affordable Way to Communicate Abroad

Before the release of services like WhatsApp, Skype was totally ahead of the game. It was the very first service to let users purchase and use an international phone number for just dollars a month.

Number 8: It Had Its Own Mobile Phone

The brand is called 3 Skypephone, and it’s an actual phone that users can take with them purely for the purpose of making calls with the service.

Number 9: Before it Was Skype, It Was Skyper

The name of the service came from the term “Sky peer-to-peer,” which was first shortened to “Skyper” before the name it currently bears. It was ultimately changed to Skype because there was an issue with available domain names.

Number 10: It’s a Division of Microsoft. Most people don’t realize how closely Skype is involved with Microsoft

In fact, the company is an actual division of Microsoft. Rather than compete with Microsoft, Skype found it easier to join forces with them.

Number 11: It’s Being Used as a Language Teaching Tool

Some teachers choose to implement the service in their classrooms to connect students with others across the world. Their students can learn new cultures and even new languages this way.

Number 12: Up to 25 People at a Time Can Conference on the Service for Free

While many services charge for allowing 25 person-large conferences to take place, on Skype, it’s free. Up to 25 people at a time can be on a conference call, video chat, or screen sharing experience for free.

Number 13: The First American Company to Acquire the Service’s Technology Was eBay

Some people think the service was invented in America, but the truth is that it was developed by a European team. However, the first American company to acquire Skype’s technology was eBay, and that happened in 2005.

Number 14: A Total of Three Billion Minutes Are Spent Using the Service Every Day

It’s true. Skype users spend a collective three billion minutes using the service every day.

Number 15: It Won’t Let You Call 911

If you have an emergency when you’re on a Skype call, you better reach for an actual phone. In North America, Europe, Nepal, and India, the service’s users cannot use it to call 911 (or the equivalent emergency number).