Most entrepreneurs look for one-time wonders to make a quick buck. Very seldom do we see a product that goes beyond its core function. In the tech industry, we have a plethora of fads that are known beyond their key offering. Shazam is one application that goes beyond that. It has evolved greatly over time and does much more than just identifying music. Here are seven interesting facts you probably didn’t know the app could do.

Shazam Goes Beyond Identification

After identifying the show, Shazam offers plenty of options for it too. You can see the IMDB page, a list of tracks on the show, its Wikipedia article and much more.

It Goes Beyond Listening

Once Shazam identifies the song, you can do much more with it. You can buy the song on iTunes, listen to it on the Radio or watch its video on YouTube. You can even look up lyrics of the song.

Archive Away

With Shazam, entertainment is not time bound. You can save stuff you watched or heard for later. It is especially helpful if you want to go back to some song or TV show you identified in the past.

Not Just Songs

Shazam not only identifies songs but it can identify TV shows too. And that too, at record speed.

Shazam Discovery

The ‘Discover’ section on the app allows one to see things that other people had identified. You can also see the most popular music on it. Additionally, you can also look for something that is not specifically playing currently and hence, cannot be tagged.

All Kinds Of Songs

You can identify any kind of music with this app by simply pressing the Shazam logo on the bottom of the screen. That includes obscure dubstep songs also.

Go Social

With a friends list, you can see what other people in the app are tagging. That is another cool way to discover new things to do on the app. You can also link the app with Facebook which will automatically populate your Shazam friends with your Facebook friends that use the app.