Selena Gomez seems to be enjoying herself these days, far away from cameras and paparazzi. Just like many of us, celebrities need silence at least every once in a while. While Gomez is finding peace in her temporary disappearance, a new Internet phenomenon, Raw Navi, is attracting interest on the web with his ridiculous “Strawberries” song. Not only that, but the rising Internet star is now trying to get Selena’s attention.

Selena Gomez Is Sharing Love on Instagram

During her moments of silence, Selena is enjoying her humble existence with friends and family members. There is a lot of joy that Gomez shares with people over her Instagram account, where she poses together with her friends and family members. Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, the Internet is filling with new faces. One such character is Raw Navi, who is making the Internet explode with his catchy “Strawberries” song.

What Does Raw Navi Have to Do with Selena Gomez?

In his recent Tweet, Raw Navi texted Selena the following, “Let’s make a music video together.” Though the message sounds a bit naïve, who knows what Selena will have to say? Gomez is known for her exceptional sense of humor. And, perhaps, she will surprise Raw Navi with a response. Often, fate plays interesting tricks with people.

To Summarize It All

Show business only makes sense when it creates positive vibes across the globe. When celebrities share great feelings on social media or spread record songs that resonate with a crowd, they bring joy to people and ultimately highlight the positive aspects that are associated with the entertainment industry as a whole.

Speaking of Selena Gomez, there is one thing that we know for sure – the superstar is enjoying her life and spreading the love around to those around her. Let us see what is going to happen in the future and whether Raw Navi will get a response from Gomez.