An American singer Robin Thicke taught himself to play music at the tender age of twelve, and he began performing soon after. By the age of sixteen, he was already producing songs for high profile R’n’B stars. Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of ten facts you probably didn’t know about Robin Thicke.

Number One: Robin Thicke Performed at a Wedding of Michael Jordan

It’s true! He performed at a wedding of Michael Jordan. Jordan’s wife was surprised by the event, which happened in spring of 2013.

Number Two: Thicke’s Parents Wrote Theme Songs for Popular Shows

Robin Thicke’s parents co-wrote for a couple of different sitcoms. His dad also contributed to a number of different theme songs for game shows, such as the original Wheel of Fortune.

Number Three: He Has an Outlaw Granny

Robin’s step-grandma Ruth Callau was charged with planning out the murder of her spouse in South America. Callau, however, has denied that she was ever involved with the incident.

Number Four: He Contemplated Suicide

It was due to his first album wasn’t making many sales. During that dark time, he drank alcohol for breakfast, and only got through it because of the piano in his house and being able to write music each day.

Number Five: He Borrowed Some Classical Disco

In ’02, Robin sampled Walter Murphy’s A Fifth of Beethoven. It is a funky disco cover of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

Number Six: He Had Small Acting Roles

In the 1980’s and 1990’s he appeared as an actor for a couple different things. Among these were The New Lassie and The Wonder Years.

Number Seven: He Moved Out Young

Robin Thicke moved out of his parents’ place at the age of seventeen. He was already successful enough with producing and songwriting to make a living and survive on his own.

Number Eight: Producing for the Highly Famous

Robin has both written and produced hits on over twenty different albums by super stars, including Michael Jackson and P!nk. He has also created songs for Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson, all before the age of twenty one.

Number Nine: Thicke is Friends with Usher

The two singers are good friends. They are close enough that Robin was present when Usher proposed to his wife. He serenaded the couple during the proposal, surrounded by family and friends of Usher.

Robin also played piano for Usher’s song “Love in This Club.” Thicke’s wife has also been featured singing on Usher’s “Can U Handle It?” which Robin Thicke helped to write.

Number Ten: Robin Openly Enjoys Marijuana

The singer has reported to spending almost half a million dollars on cannabis. Impressive!

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