If you want to succeed as a realtor, then it is essential to stay organized by taking full advantage of today’s best tech tools. It can seem like a dizzying task for a beginner. There are hundreds of apps available for selection on your iPhone alone. However, too many options can leave many a realtor feeling overwhelmed and deciding to go with low-tech methods instead.

Fortunately, there is a limited number of intuitive apps that will do just about everything that you need. Master these tools, and you will be able to thrive in the 2019 realtor tech scene.

Google Suite

Google Suite is a bundle of many different apps that are meant for office use. You are likely familiar with some of these free applications already. Google Suite applications exist in the cloud, so they continuously save your work. Because all of these apps are linked to your Gmail account, sharing documents and projects with other Gmail users (and non-Gmail users) is nearly effortless. Even if you have previously used Google Suite, there are probably some new apps within this platform that you may find useful.


Trello is an incredible group organizational tool. Create projects on “cards.” Then, break these down into assignments that can be divvied out to anyone who is involved. Trello is a highly visual way to organize projects, and it is perfect for complex real estate transactions.


Propy is perhaps the best all-in-one real estate transaction platform. From steps ranging from the Buyer Offer to Payment, all parties that are involved in the property closing process can communicate through this single app. With DocuSign integration, all steps of the process can be completed virtually, and the entire sale can be achieved from start to finish in just a couple of hours. Additionally, all data is secured immutably on the blockchain. Propy has proven to be one of the most comprehensive 21st-century PropTech tools.

Preparation, hard work, and dedication can help you become an excellent real estate professional. By mastering these useful tech tools, you can outcompete your closest rivals.