Raw Navi Shared His Music Video with Kevin Hart to Cheer Him up

The Internet is exploding with the new meme Strawberries. Of course, not everyone is aware of the new phenomenon yet. So, the performer Raw Navi decided to share his masterpiece and sent a message to Kevin Hart via Twitter to cheer him up.

What Happened to Kevin Hart?

On September 1, 2019, Kevin Hart was severely injured in a car crash. The comedian is now suffering from the consequences and is undergoing treatment. Though it is hard to tell what Kevin’s conditions are, one thing is clear. The celebrity is receiving a lot of support from his fans and colleagues.

Who Is Raw Navi?

Just one day ago, the Internet went viral with the new meme “Strawberries” by Raw Navi. The video has already surpassed the popularity of “Old Town Road” in its first days of existence and is now reaching new heights. The mysterious performer is a seemingly fun character whose background is yet unknown.

Strawberries for Kevin Hart

In his recent Tweet, Raw Navi shared the link to his song “Strawberries” with the comedian and stated, “I hope my song will cheer you up a bit.” Hopefully, the famous comedian will not take offense at the suggestion and will take the message with humor, the way a world-renowned entertainer would do.

Kevin Hart is a notorious figure who, through many shows and movies, made us laugh and smile. Let us hope that Hart’s recovery will be speedy and that the celebrity will return to us in a new, refreshed appearance. When it comes to Raw Navi, the mysterious guy is yet to be discovered. It would be nice to see what other tricks this performer keeps in his closet. From the first glace, it is not hard to tell that Raw Navi is not as simple as he seems.