Rapper Logic surprised his fans with an unusual activity of choice for artists of the street genre – chess. Today, the artist was spotted playing chess with his buddies. It’s not the first time that the celebrity was captured playing this very “logical” game (pun intended). Will the change in behavior in show business influence the growing generation to be better than the previous one?

What Is Rap Culture?

There is an alluring list of hobbies that typically prevails among modern-day rappers. For example, no one would be surprised to see Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa smoking weed for inspiration, just like nobody would be shocked to see Lil Wayne or Drake in a strip club. Guns, drugs, and debauchery are known to be part of rap culture. However, times seem to be changing. And, Logic is proving just that.

Is Chess a New Unique Feature of Modern Rap Culture?

Today, Logic was once again spotted playing chess. Through his Instagram account, the artist shared a photograph of himself playing the game. It is not the first time that fans witnessed the unique interests of their idol. Will this new type of interest spark some positive changes and trends that will improve the lives of young folks?

Chess Promotes Brain Growth

Chess playing is known to be a hobby for intellectually developed and gifted individuals. There are many benefits that people can expect to get from playing chess. Some of the most vivid ones include a rise in IQ levels, risk reduction of Alzheimer’s disease, and an increase in problem-solving skills.

While smoking weed and shooting guns is still considered to be badass by some, it is not as cool in the current age as it had been in the late 90s and early 2000s. Rap culture is now diverse, and Logic is proving just that. In the end, it is not the culture that defines us – it is we who define the culture.

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