The head of the British royal family, Queen Elizabeth II, has been on the throne for 67 years. In her years she has accomplished so much, but there is still quite a few surprising facts to learn about England’s longest ruler.

Queen Elizabeth II Served In The Military

Seeing a member of the royal family on the battlefield is not exactly a place you would think about running into them. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor served her country during World War I alongside Winston Churchill’s daughter in the women’s branch of the British Army called the Auxiliary Territory Services.

Some Interesting Gifts. Meeting the Queen is nerve wracking enough, but trying to pick out a gift for her is probably even worse. This may be why she has been given some extremely odd gifts. Some she could not keep at the palace and had to be put in the London Zoo, like the jaguars and sloths from Brazil and two black beavers from Canada.

Her Own CD. Since we all can’t go to a party at Buckingham Palace, a CD was made with songs from parties that have been hosted there. A gold version of the disc was given to Queen Elizabeth II, she is now the only royal to have such a gift.

She Has Normal Hobbies

She may be Queen, but that does not stop Queen Elizabeth from having hobbies similar to the rest of non-royals. One of them is photography and she particularly likes taking pictures of her family.

Elizabeth II Celebrates Her Birthday Late. The common way to celebrate your birthday is on the day you were born. If you are Queen Elizabeth though, this is not the case. Her actual birthday is in April but she officially celebrates it in June every year.

She Has Kept Royal Traditions Alive. Even in these modern times, Queen Elizabeth has managed to keep quite a few of England’s royal traditions alive. One of these is racing pigeons, a tradition that began in 1886.

Queen Elizabeth II: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Queen Elizabeth II Knows Cars

Queen Elizabeth knows how to drive and work on cars. She is supposedly the only member of the royal family who can change a spark plug.

She Had Email Before The Rest Of Us. Most people have been emailing for the past 15 years or so. Queen Elizabeth one-upped as all, though; she sent her first one from the British Army base in 1976.

She Does Not Always Need An Interpreter. As a world leader, Queen Elizabeth does an extremely large amount of traveling. For the places she goes where she cannot communicate through English an interpreter is readily available, but there are locations such as France where one is not needed. The Queen is a fluent French speaker and often shows off her language skills during meetings or state addresses.

She Has Given Out Quite A Few Awards

In England, there is not a higher honor than being knighted. Since only a select few receive this honor, many will settle for any acknowledgment and if given out by the Queen it is even better. During her time on the throne, Queen Elizabeth has given out 404,500 honors and awards and 610 investitures, the ceremony in which an honor is bestowed on someone for their good services.

She Is A Dog Lover. A very common picture of the Queen is her with her dogs, usually corgis. She has owned more than 30 corgis during her reign beginning with Susan who was given to her for her 18th birthday in 1944.

The Queen Takes The Time To Meet Her Subjects. Queen Elizabeth is one of those rulers who is not put off by those from different social classes. The biggest example of this is she and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, introduced small lunch parties at Buckingham Palace where people of all professions were invited beginning in 1956. Six to eight guests are invited with two members of the royal household attending.

Elizabeth II is Up With Technology

Unlike some her age, the Queen keeps up with today’s trends of social media. She started her own Facebook page in 2010 titled “The British Monarchy.” She is also on Twitter although she does not maintain the page herself.

She Has Held The Throne Longest. Prior to celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother held the record for ruling England the longest. To put it into perspective, there have been 13 U.S. presidents since she was crowned in 1952.

Being Queen Elizabeth II Has Its Perks. Carrying a driver’s license and other papers can be so annoying. Queen Elizabeth II never has to worry about this since she is the only person in England who can drive without a license or a plate on her car.