Just a few short years ago, blockchain was a fringe technology. Back then, we all knew about some friend’s strange uncle who invested in Bitcoin. Today, blockchain is quickly becoming a household name. People are starting to wake up to the technology’s positive effect on a variety of industries, including the music and real estate industries. Indeed, musicians are joining in on the blockchain bandwagon. They can even use crypto to buy real estate.

What Causes a Musician to Choose Blockchain?

Musicians are hardworking, patient, and creative. They always look for new ways to grow their brands, and they prefer decentralized solutions with more freedom. So, it is no wonder that successful musicians like Childish Gambino, Mariah Carey, and Melanie Brown have been on the crypto bandwagon for years.

Why Do Musicians Use Blockchain to Buy Property?

Musicians are all too familiar with the adverse effects of corrupt and centralized systems. The traditional music industry has been holding talented people back for years; there are stories of unnecessary middlemen taking cuts for minimal work. The same behavior is seen in the real estate industry. This type of behavior is what blockchain-based real estate platform Propy aims to combat.

On Propy, a user can buy a house quickly and easily. All of the paperwork is signed and transferred between parties online, without the need for intermediaries. During the purchase, money is moved across borders within minutes, using fiat or cryptocurrency. Furthermore, both parties can view a digital record of the property’s deed on the blockchain. These features reduce the risks of document manipulation and fraud.

Propy Is the Easiest Way to Buy Property

Currently, Propy features thousands of properties around the world. As the platform develops, Propy will enhance the transaction process to make it even faster. Unlike online marketplaces such as Zillow or Redfin, Propy is the only “one stop shop” solution that takes care of the entire transaction, from choosing the property to owning it outright. Anyone who favors a world with more independence and freedom, including musicians, will find Propy to be an attractive platform for property transactions.

Propy Review
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