It has been two years since the Propy token was introduced to the public. Since then, many of Propy’s contemporaries have come and gone, while the company continues to grow. Why has Propy succeeded where others have failed?

Propy’s success comes down to the company’s achievements within the real estate industry, all of which help to cement Propy as a leader in the real estate space. To celebrate the progress, the company’s team has listed some of its most significant milestones from the past two years.

Vermont Uses Propy for Title Management

Phil Scott, Vermont’s governor, signed a law allowing blockchain companies to do specific kinds of business within the state. The law is immediately pertinent to Propy’s interests, and Propy CEO Natalia Karayaneva was present at the ceremonial signing. As of August 2019, Propy is now allowed to create software for title management applications in the Vermont real estate market. With a pilot program in Burlington and South Burlington, The blockchain real estate company has led the nation’s first government-supported blockchain-based real estate deals.

National Association of REALTORS’ VC Arm Invests in Propy Through REACH Program

The National Association of REALTORS made a strategic investment in Propy via the REACH program in 2019, through the Second Century Ventures venture capital fund. Through its program, NAR has worked to stimulate real estate technology that will benefit its agents and clients nationwide. The association represents 1.3 million real estate industry members and is America’s largest trade association.

Partnership With Japan’s EAJ

Propy completed two property sales in Japan in Spring 2019. This led to a partnership with leading Japanese escrow company EAJ, in which the partners will launch a transaction management platform with blockchain recording functionality for the Japanese real estate space. The transpacific partnership could see the company making major inroads in Japan.

In the two years since the PRO token was introduced to the markets, the company has logged significant achievements in the real estate space. Working at the intersection between digital and traditional assets, Propy and its Transaction Management Platform continues to bring new digital efficiency to the real estate industry.