Post Malone is an extremely unique and unusual character in the world of entertainment. Known for his catchy texts and beats, Malone often tops the headlines and charts. Not only that, but it seems like the celebrity is constantly trying to impress his audience with his looks. And, because of that, Post is now compared to the internet meme Raw Navi.

What Is Going on with Post Malone and His Looks?

Confusing Anderson .Paak with Kevin Hart is totally normal. There is some similarity in the looks and styles of the above-mentioned celebs. Post Malone is incomparable, though. There is no one who can confuse Malone with another celebrity, as he is utterly creative.

What started as an innocent love for tattoos and stylish outfits is now turning into some sort of “style disease” that comes with consequences. Similar to how some greedy people crave money, Malone seems to be craving ink and glitter all of the time.

Post Malone Craves Ink

PM seems to be never satisfied with the quantity of tattoos on his face. So, among the numerous irreplaceable symbols on the artist’s face is a new one – a pair of axes. Despite an abundance of new looks, Post Malone is always in search of new styles of clothing: from colorful costumes to naughty shirts and jeans, his outfits are never the same.

How Is PM Related to Raw Navi?

Despite the fact that Post Malone is widely known and internationally recognized among the music community and Raw Navi is not as of yet, some people are commenting on the similarities between the two. Just like Malone, Raw Navi seems to have a distinct and unusual creative touch when it comes to his looks and behavior. No matter what people say, the Internet phenomenon Raw Navi is trying to impress his viewers with fresh pieces of art that have never been done before.

The world of entertainment is defined by the artists who dominate the industry. The more we witness unusual ways of expression, the more colorful our lives end up being. Art is meant to inspire, for goodness’ sake.