The German automobile manufacturer Porsche has created an internationally reputable name for themselves and continues to amaze sport-car lovers everywhere. The company is known to have the most elegant and coveted styles. Here we put together a list of top nine facts you probably didn’t know about Porsche.

Number One: The Company’s Legendary Logo. The Porsche logo was designed in ’52. In this year, Dr. Ferry Porsche was sharing a meal with Max Hoffman at a fine dining restaurant in New York. As he was dining, the man admired the folding of his napkin, and apparently thought it to be an elegant design for a car manufacturing logo.

Number Two: Other Products. Being one of the most prominent vehicles manufacturers in the world, Porsche doesn’t just limit itself to sports cars. They have also earned a lot of praise for developing the most technologically advanced lines of tractors, and even forklifts. The Harley Davidson company even incorporated one of Porsche engines into its line of Harley V-Rods.

Number Three: The Most Coveted Vehicle. Of all of their extensive line of car models, the most popular among consumers is by far the legendary Porsche 911. The model emerged in ’63 and featured a handful of generational upgrades. The most successful upgrade of the 911 was the engine cooling technology, adjusting from air-cooling to water-cooling in ’98.

Number Four: Bringing Sports Car Perfection to the United States. The introduction of Porsche to the US was largely due to the friendship of Ferdinand Porsche and Max Hoffman. Hoffman founded the Porsche of America Corporation in ’56 and displayed a handful of the company’s first models in a showroom stationed in his home.

Number Five: Gearing Towards Families. In the early 00s, the sales for sports cars encountered a rapid decline in demand. As more people were in the market for larger and more practical vehicles, the CEO of the company decided to expand the brand’s horizons. In light of these struggles, the company issued the first line of SUVs in the company, deemed the Porsche Cayenne.

Number Six: A Young Engineer. Ferdinand, the founder of the legendary company, was a young and informally taught engineer when he first started out. At the young age of 25 y.o., the self-taught mechanical genius designed the blueprints for the first ever hybrid gasoline-electric car. He got his big break when he convinced the German company to embrace the design plan for his brainchild, the Volkswagen Beetle.

Number Seven: The Pronunciation. Over the years, an age-old debate has ensued regarding the pronunciation of the name Porsche. Some call it simple Porsh, and others claim that emphasis should be placed on the end, making it Porsh-uh. The brand name is rooted back to the surname of the founder, Ferdinand, who was German. In his language, the name would correctly be pronounced Porsh-uh due to its origin.

Number Eight: Double the Ferdinand. Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Ferdinand Porsche had more than a likeness of names in common, they also both loved the style and comfort of the company’s line of cars. At one point in his career, Ferdinand Porsche earned a lot of publicity from chauffeuring Franz Ferdinand around town in his deluxe Lohner-Porsche. It was certainly a star-studded event for the tabloids!

Number Nine: The Brand Gets Strapped. The well-known brand doesn’t only specialize in flashy sports cars but also has a number of heavy artillery battle tanks under their belt. During WWII, the company constructed a tank destroyer deemed to be the Ferdinand, after a number of failed proposals for the Porsche Tiger. The Ferdinand sported the brand-new weaponry technology of the 88mm Pak 43/2 anti-tank gun.

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