Panera Bread is a great destination for delicious breads and fresh food, but are you getting the most out of their extensive menu? We bet we can prove that you’re not! MusicSnake Magazine team is here to present the top 8 menu hacks to show you what you are missing out on!

Number One: Panera Cookie Coffee. If you are in the mood for a blended drink and want to add a sweet touch, try asking the barista to throw a cookie into to the mix. I mean, of course you’re going to have to buy the cookie, too, but it is so worth it! When you get your drink, it will be just like a coffee cookie milkshake!

Number Two: Go for the Avocado. The workers will be happy to replace any meat item on a normal meal with avocado for no extra charge. This vegetarian option can save you a pretty decent hunk of change compared to getting your entrée meat-free and adding the avocado separately.

Number Three: Go Small. Soft drink refills are free throughout your visit, so why spend the extra money on a large? If you’re taking you food to go, alright, we understand. Although, when you are eating in, it only makes sense to stick to the small cup and just keep refilling.

Number Four: Add More Ingredients. Additionally, you can get other select items added to your meal for free. The more expensive food options, like meat or avocado, might set you back a bit, but the basic additions come free. Feel like your sandwich would be better with a little onion, cucumbers, lettuce or tomato? Go for it!

Number Five: Panera Bread Secret Menu. If you are on a diet that calls for a lot of protein and fiber, the Panera Bread secret menu is for you. These options tend to be more health conscious than the normal menu, and include items like the Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak or the Power Steak Lettuce Wraps.

Number Six: Go for the Free Panera Treat. That is if you are lucky enough for the cooks to screw up your order. A small, usually hidden sign on the counter states the Panera Policy that if your order comes out wrong, you get a free treat. It’s usually just a cookie by default, but if you ask nicely you could probably get whichever pastry you’d like.

Number Seven: There is an App for That. One downside about this particular fast-food chain is that it is almost guaranteed the store is going to be packed from opening to close. By using their app, you can significantly reduce that time, especially with their new “rapid pickup” shelf. Just send in your order through the app and pay for it as you go, and when you get to the store, your order will be right there waiting for you. No human interaction necessary!

Number Eight: Panera Bread Will Do Anything for You. If you want it, you can have it. To an extent, anyway. As long as Panera has the ingredients and tools necessary to make it happen, you can really order whatever you want. Thanks for reading!

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