Nissan is a Japanese automobile manufacturer and one of the most recognizable automobile brands in the world. However, despite the fact that the motor company has spent a considerable amount of time in the spotlight and under the scrutiny of the public eye, there are still some interesting facts that many people don’t know. With that in mind, here, MusicSnake Magazine presents our list of ten surprising facts you probably didn’t know about Nissan.

Number One: Nissan Is the Biggest Auto Plant in North America. The company’s assembly plant located in Smyrna, Tennessee, makes more than 650,000 vehicles every single year! One Nissan comes off the assembly line every 27 seconds.

Number Two: The Number 23. Nissan’s official number is 23, and there’s a reason for that. In Japanese, the number 2 corresponds with the phrase Ni, and the number 3 roughly corresponds with San. Together, 23 make Ni-San.

Number Three: The Story Behind Around View Monitor. Around View Monitor first debuted in the Infiniti, and soon other companies were catching on. The feature allows drivers to see things from a bird’s eye view to aid with parking and low-speed maneuvering.

Number Four: The Company Collaborating With NASA. As if you didn’t think Nissan was high-tech enough, this proves it and then some. Nissan is currently working with NASA to develop artificial intelligence that will eventually operate autonomous vehicles.

Number Five: Brian Cranston Used to Work for Them. He might be most well-known for his stint on Breaking Bad, but he used to be a pitchman for Nissan back in ’98.

Number Six: Nissan Modeled Robots After Fish. Their EPORO Robots were actually modeled after schools of fish! The robots behave similarly – they follow each other in line and are also able to avoid obstacles in their way.

Number Seven: When it Comes to Electric Cars, Nissan Was Ahead of the Game. The company introduced its very first electric vehicle way back in 1947! Impressive!

Number Eight: It Started With a Drag Race. In the late 50’s, three Japanese engineers came to the U.S. to investigate it as a potential market. They were driving a Datsun 210 and ended up drag racing a Volkswagen Bug. The Datsun 210 reportedly won, and the rest is history.

Number Nine: GT-R, AKA Godzilla. GT-R, which many people adoringly call Godzilla, is the world’s fastest accelerating production four-seater. The car’s dual clutch gearbox is capable of changing gears in an impressive 150 milliseconds.

Number Ten: Nissan’s Customer Base Is Impressively Diverse. In fact, 38% of the brand’s customers are ethnically diverse. This makes its customer base the most diverse of any other auto manufacturer.

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