Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor, electrical engineer and futurist. Everyone has heard his name, especially in relation to electricity, but there are a few things you probably didn’t know about this unique and fascinating character.

Number One: Nikola Tesla Hated Pearls. It is unclear why this was the case, but it seems as though the inventor had a huge aversion to pearls, even going so far as to send his secretary home when she showed up to work wearing them. Maybe he had a bad experience with pearls as a child.

Number Two: The inventor was Poor When He Died. Such an inventive genius should have been rolling in the dough, but sadly, his smarts weren’t recognized adequately. For this reason, Nikola Tesla died dirt poor.

Number Three: Insomnia and OCD. He was a very smart man, and people of such genius are often plagued with mental problems. He was no exception to this trend, and sleeplessness and obsessive-compulsive disorder were a couple of his struggles.

Number Four: Tesla Thought of Smartphones in 1901. Tesla was famous for being a big idea person, but oftentimes not following through with his brilliant whims. The idea for a smartphone was one of these ideas. He envisioned a handheld device that would be able to pull information out of the air.

Number Five: His White Gloves. Nikola prided himself on being a dapper dresser, who took much pride in his appearance and grooming habits. He made sure to wear white gloves to dinner each and every night, and this was very important to him.

Number Six: Unique Nightmare-Fighting Methods. The man had a photographic memory and the ability to see in 3D. He would use these abilities to ward off bad dreams when he was younger.

Number Seven: A Pool Hustler. Since Tesla was so poor, he had to get creative with ways to make money. He would challenge people to games of pool and often win, making money this way.

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