Hip-hop and Folk? Can it challenge Lil Nas X and his hip-hop-country hit Old Town Road? Well, you have a chance to find out. San Francisco-based music producer and hip hop artist Frea King, aka MusicSnake, has partnered with a former Gogol Bordello accordionist Newmer to create a brand new, folk-hip-hop fusion single, called Elusive Light. The song has already been featured on all Apple Music Global hip-hop charts, giving it an auspicious entry into the music world. 

This single, which is a metaphorical story about unattainable dreams, is also the first endeavor of the musicians’ new joint project, which they’ve called MusicSnake feat. Newmer. They consider Elusive Light to be their first step in creating new hybrid genre, which they have aptly named folk-hop, and they look forward to expanding this new genre’s canon of songs. 

The pair recorded the song at the San Mateo based Studio Circle Recordings. Various other artists, such as Irish classic group U2, and Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young have recorded songs of their own at Studio Circle Newlywed Ed Sheehan, who has previously collaborated with Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, has also recorded there.

Elusive Light has an unusual sound, and all its choruses features a strong female vocal presence, Its hip-hop influenced beats are similar to those heard on Lil Nas X’s recent remix superhit, ‘Old Town Road” ft. Billy Ray Cyrus, which hit trending status on YouTube for several days following its April 5th, 2019 release. Elusive Light also features a non standard twist using a traditional instrument, thanks to Newmer’s accordion playing. 

MusicSnake is previously known for his song, No One Loved Me, which was featured on several global music charts in 2018. The two musicians were both born in Belarus and met in New York.