Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica in 1769. Many the name and some basic facts about this historical figure. However, there are a lot more interesting facts that people are not aware of.

Number One: He Was Nicknamed ‘Nabulio’. He was not always known by the famous name he earned for himself later in life. His parents and close friends liked to call him by “Nabulio” though it’s not very clear why this is true.

Number Two: Napoleon Pretended to be Common. He used to stroll the streets in poor clothes. The purpose of this was to ask his fellow French people what they thought of Napoleon, and get honest answers.

Number Three: The Miniature Portrait. He held a belief that his wife Josephine brought him luck. For this reason, he always carried a tiny picture of her with him into battle.

Number Four: An Open Door Phobia. Anyone that was coming into a room that Napoleon was in had to squeeze in through a crack in the door and close it immediately. This was due to his irrational phobia of open doors.

Number Five: The Poison Mistake. Napoleon used to carry around a package of poison on a necklace. He decided to use it to commit suicide in 1814, but there was a small issue. He had been carrying the poison around for so long, it had lost its potency, and instead of killing him, only made him extremely sick.

Number Six: Napoleon Had Terrible Social Skills. In school he was an above average math student, but had trouble making friends, and being social did not come easy to him. And this fact isn’t surprising to learn, but he was also very domineering as a youngster.

Number Seven: He Changed Driving Norms. In the olden days, it was normal for people to drive on the left side of the road. For some reason, Napoleon played a large part in changing that throughout Europe.

Number Eight: It Wasn’t His Idea to Join the Military. It was, in fact, his teachers at school that gave him this idea. Perhaps he wouldn’t have gone on to be the famous figure we now know him as if it weren’t for these suggestions.

Number Nine: He Had a Fear of Cats. It seems a rather silly phobia for someone like him, but it’s true. Napoleon had “Ailurophobia”, which means an intense fear of felines.

Number Ten: Napoleon Lost at Chess to a ‘Computer’. He was under the impression that he was playing against a machine called the Turk. Little did he know, there was a person hiding inside of the machine.

Number Eleven: He Was Not Actually That Short. It’s unclear how he became rumored to have been a really short guy. Perhaps his enemies were attempting to discredit him, but he was actually quite average height for the time period he existed in.

Number Twelve: Napoleon Liked to be Among the Tall. This could have contributed to the rumors of him being so short. He enjoyed having extremely tall soldiers from the Elite Guard around him.

Number Thirteen: He Changed His Wife’s Name. Her real name was Marie Josephe Rose Tasher de la Pagerie. He didn’t think much of her real name so he re-named her Josephine.

Number Fourteen: It’s Illegal to Name a Pig ‘Napoleon’ in France. Don’t name your pet pig after him, it’s frowned upon by the law. For this reason, in George Orwell’s famous book Animal Farm, the pig’s name is named Cesar instead of Napoleon.

Number Fifteen: His Last Words. It was rumored that during his last few moments he spoke of those things most important to him. They were “France, army, head of the army, Josephine.”