Last July MusicSnake Magazine team with its founder Fred King started covering cryptocurrency news. Following Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ spikes and most recent trends, the publication put together several crypto-marketing top lists. The articles included analytics and data provided by leading digital marketing agencies based in Silicon Valley – Global Marketing and KV Marketing.

MusicSnake Magazine’s traffic gain of 1,000% (one thousand per cent!) showed how Bitcoin and crypto in general changed from “the biggest bubble” to “the most demanded info-trend”. It’s no secret that blockchain and cryptocurrency is the future. Global decentralization is inevitable and the adoption of crypto by major corporations serves as proof. Latest announcements of Walmart’s coin and Facebook’s Libra adds heightened confidence to crypto’s viability. 

To provide our readers with the most valuable and accurate information on crypto arena, MusicSnake Magazine is set to cover the hottest topics in collaboration with top market leaders and experts. Stay tuned to learn more about blockchain and crypto.