Elusive Light, the first music video of Frea King, aka MusicSnake and former Gogol Bordello accordionist Pasha Newmer, is released on YouTube. The duo, who will simply be known as MusicSnake feat. Newmer, have decided to call the new music genre they have created folk-hop. The genre’s name is inspired by the folk influences that the Newmer’s accordion playing and MusicSnake’s hip hop roots bring to their debut track, Elusive Light. They hope that the song is just the beginning of not only their collaboration, but also of this new style of music, which they look forward to developing further. 

The single, which is described as a story about unattainable dreams, is a non standard spin on a hip-hop ballad, thanks to the inclusion of a traditional instrument from the early 19th century, the accordion. Elusive Light features an unusual sound, and female vocals on each chorus. Its hip-hop beats are similar to those of Lil Nas X’s April 2019 superhit remix, Old Town Road ft. Billy Ray Cyrus. So, country music and hip-hop fans alike may each find something to appreciate in Elusive Light as well. The music video was filmed at YouTube Space LA.

MusicSnake is known for his 2018 song, No One Loved Me, which was featured on several hip-hop charts. Pasha Newmer is known for his work as an accordionist for the New York based punk rock group, Gogol Bordello. The two musicians are both from Belarus and met in New York.