Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are amazing, talented award-winning actors who will forever be engraved in the history of cinematography for their roles in a vast array of different movies. We, as observers, associate specific behavioral patterns with the names of famous celebs. In this article, let us talk specifically about the dance styles of the aforementioned actors and their similarities to the rising Internet meme Raw Navi and his music video “Strawberries.”

Dance Moves Made by Morgan Freeman

Though Freeman often appears in serious roles, there are moments in life that he dedicates to pure and old-fashioned fun. There are certain dance patterns that prevail in his moves. One of the more distinct ones is a side-to-side move.

Dance Moves Made by Jack Nicholson

Unlike Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson is a bit more creative in his artistic expressions. Famous for his “Joker” role, Nicholson had to do a lot of dancing. And, one of the most memorable movements from the actor included the “awkward walk.” In almost every dance scene, Jack is purposely doing the funny walk to entertain the crowd.

What Does Raw Navi Have to Do with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson?

The performer Raw Navi has been “killing” the Internet for the past couple of days. With regard to views, the “Strawberries” song has been reaching higher-than-ever heights within a relatively short amount of time. Just like Freeman, Raw Navi’s side-to-side moves are distinct. Additionally, the performer includes dance elements in his song that are similar to the steps made by the old Joker: awkward walk.

There is a lot of new blood showing the signs of old art in popular media. Let us see how far Raw Navi will make it and whether he will manage to captivate the hearts of a new generation of comedy fans.