Michael Jackson spent most of his life in the spotlight, but there are still some interesting facts that have slipped through the cracks. Below are fifteen things you didn’t know about Michael Jackson, the king of pop.

The “Thriller” Video Almost Didn’t Make It. After Jackson found out that some Jehovah’s Witnesses didn’t like the fact that he was making a music video “about a werewolf,” he almost had the video destroyed. As a compromise, he agreed to let it go public as long as a disclaimer was added before the video aired.

Michael Jackson Was Literally a King. When Jackson visited Gabon and the Ivory Cost, the villagers gave him a royal title. That means that he is, quite literally, a king.

He Spread the Faith in Disguise. Because Jackson was a Jehovah’s Witness, he had to spread his faith from door to door. In order to accomplish this without experiencing any trouble, he dressed in a disguise that included a fake mustache so people would take him seriously.

He Has More Awards Than Any Other Artist. Michael Jackson has an impressive 23 Guinness World Records. He has also received 13 Grammys, 26 American Music Awards and 40 Billboard Awards.

Michael Jackson Earns More Than Any Other Dead Artist

It’s true – some people really can make money when they’re dead. In the first year after Jackson’s death alone, his estate earned him an extra $1 billion.

He’s Got Some Impressive Godchildren. Michael was godfather to a couple very famous people. He was the godfather of Lionel Ritchie’s daughter, Nicole Richie, and Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb’s son, who is also named Michael.

Michael Jackson Made the Most Expensive Music Video Ever. The most expensive music video ever made continues to be “Scream,” which also stars his sister, Janet Jackson. It premiered in the summer of 1995 and was met with a lot of critical acclaim.

The “Thriller” Costumes Weren’t Fancy. In fact, the costumes used in Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video came from the Salvation Army. Looks like even the king of pop isn’t impervious to a budget.

He Had a Favorite Food. Apparently, Jackson was a big fan of Mexican food. He enjoyed a good burrito and some even better tacos. And who can blame him?

He Invented Anti-Gravity Boots. Did you know that the anti-gravity boots that allowed Jackson to lean forward in ways that seemed to defy physics were actually invented by him? He also owns the patent to the boots.

He Has a Grammy Record. Jackson won more Grammys than any other person in a single year. In 1984, the famous singer won an astonishing eight Grammys. He won three Grammys for Thriller, two for “Beat It”, two for “Billie Jean”, and one for E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (Best Recording for Children). Many people are not aware of the fact that he worked on E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, which stars Drew Barrymore.

The World Crashed When He Died. Well, kind of. On the day he died – June 25, 2009 – Wikipedia, Twitter and AOL Instant Messenger all crashed.

The Black Armband He Always Wore Meant Something. The black armband you would often see adorning Jackson’s arm meant something very important to him. He wore it to remind people of the children suffering around the world.

He Owed the Library a Lot. Jackson must have visited the library a lot, because at one point he apparently owed more than $1 million in rental fees. However, this $1 million really wasn’t a significant chunk of money for Jackson, especially considering that his estate is worth hundreds of times the rental fees.

He Slept in an Oxygen Tent. The famous singer allegedly slept in a tent saturated with oxygen every night. He apparently did so for cosmetic purposes and to prolong his life.

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