MGK, or Machine Gun Kelly, seems to have a life filled with drama. From humble beginnings to major beef with huge artists, this rapper leads an exciting life. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 facts you need to know about the fascinating rapper.

Number One: His Real Name is Richard Colson Baker

That’s right, this rapper’s real name is drastically different than his stage name. The artist came up with Machine Gun Kelly as a nod to an infamous American gangster, George ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ Barnes. The name also represents how fast the artist can spew out verses onstage

Number Two: His Parents Were Both Missionaries

Pretty crazy to think that his early upbringing involved traveling around the world with his Christian missionary parents.

Number Three: He Has A Daughter

Machine Gun Kelly has his daughter when he was only 18 years old. He says his daughter gives him a new perspective on life.

Number Four: Pete Davidson is one of his Best Friends

The two solidified a strong bond last year when they both felt like the most hated men on Earth.

Number Five: MGK is a Budding Actor

The musician has worked on several films to date and has multiple acting jobs on the horizon.

Number Six: His Mother Abandoned Him at a Young Age

Die-hard fans will recall that the rapper references his abandonment issues in several of his songs.

Number Seven: One of His First Jobs was at Chipotle

Who would have expected at the time that the Chipotle employee would catapult into stardom? He is quoted as saying he was a “man of the people“, in other words, he never skimped out on filling up customers burritos.

Number Eight: He’s Got Major Beef with Eminem

The rappers have a long history of feuding. MGK even has a diss track about Eminem called “Rap Devil“.

Number Nine: He is Very Tall

Machine Gun Kelly is one of the tallest rappers out there right now, with a height of 6’4″.

Number Ten: He is a Mega Fan of Wrestling

Machine Gun Kelly got to perform his song “A Little More” on WWE which must have been a dream come true!

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