McDonald’s is a fast food company, founded in 1940. This is arguably the most successful company in the history of quick service. People love the classic taste of this chain’s burgers and especially fries, but the low prices are what its customers love most of all! Here, MusicSnake Magazine put together a list of top fourteen facts you probably didn’t know about McDonalds.

Number One: McDonald’s Usurped by Subway. The company rakes in more revenue than any other fast food giant, although they do fall short in other areas. Oddly enough, Subway stole the coveted title of largest restaurant chain in the world in ’11, owning 41,000+ locations across 103 countries. McDonald’s only has about 35,000 in 120 countries.

Number Two: Higher Education. Many people opt for the company as an employer to avoid going to college, but some people choose to work at McDonald’s just to go to one of the most elite Universities: the Hamburger University. These schools operate in Munich, Beijing, Brazil, Illinois, Oak Brook, Tokyo, and London to graduate as many as 275,000 elite managers to this day.

Number Three: The Mass Revenue. Everyone knows McDonald’s to be the biggest name in fast food business, raking in unimaginable amounts of money across its vast, international locations. The company’s revenue is roughly $80M per day.

Number Four: Nobody Wants a Salad. Due to the health kick that everyone is consumed by these days, it was smart for this chain to add in a substitute option to their menu. While McDonald’s can’t get rid of their salads because of the reputation, the company doesn’t really sell so well (as you probably assumed). Only about 2-3% of their sales are made from their healthy food options.

Number Five: The Biggest McDonald’s. The world’s biggest McDonald’s is located in Orlando, Florida, ten-minute drive from Walt Disney World. There are numerous floor, a 30,000-foot PlayPlace, a 500-gallon aquarium, and a diverse menu including all of your favorites in addition to wraps, cheesesteaks, paninis and even pasta.

Number Six: Serving Alcohol. Germany is the only country that serves alcoholic beverages in McDonald’s locations. Here you can sip a cup of McBeer with your McRib.

Number Seven: Pineapple-Oreo McFlurry, Anyone? There have been quite a few oddball additions to this greasy menu over the years, but none weirder than this. In Columbia you can order a pineapple and Oreo McFlurry. Apparently they are pretty good!

Number Eight: Hidden in the Fries. When you think about what’s in your fries, it makes sense to think that they are just potatoes, oil, and salt… right? Wrong! At this fast food restaurant the fries have a total of 17 ingredients: potatoes, dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate, citric acid, canola oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, safflower oil, “natural flavor” and dimethylpolysiloxane, and then they are cooked in vegetable oil, hydrogenated soybean oil with THBQ, corn oil, canola oil, and soybean oil with citric acid. Oh, and then salt.

Number Nine: No More Pink Goop! You have heard the horror story about what your nuggets are really made of, often thought to be a pink goop of chicken mixture. Since ’03 that is no longer true. As of 2003, McDonald’s has been using 100% white-meat chicken, and has supported these claims.

Number Ten: The First Fast-Food Breakfast. With fast food becoming such a hit, this big boss brand found that many consumers were searching for a breakfast option with the same convenience. They created the Egg McMuffin in ’72, being the first quick service restaurant to introduce a breakfast option to their menu.

Number Eleven: All of the Hamburgers. It isn’t exactly news that this fast food company sells a ridiculous amount of hamburgers, but allow us to simply put that into perspective for you. Every second every day, it’s estimated that the company is flipping out about 75 hamburgers. That is 4,500 burgers on the minute, 270,000 to the hour, 6.5M daily, and a whopping annual average of 2.5 billion hamburgers. Impressive!

Number Twelve: A Meal and a Smile. Even as a fast food restaurant, McDonald’s is said to the largest distributor of toys in the whole world. Roughly 20% of the items sold at this restaurant are Happy Meals that each include a toy for the hungry little tikes. With a grand total of 70M meals sold daily and 20% of those meals having a toy, it is easy to believe this claim.

Number Thirteen: McDonald’s Stars. In McDonald’s line of employees were once Shania Twain, Jay Leno, Jeff Bezos, and Rachel McAdams.

Number Fourteen: The Worst Option. Everyone is on their diet kicks these days and searching for the healthiest option, but have you ever wondered what the least healthy option is? It is a breakfast item: The Big Breakfast featuring hotcakes, a biscuit, sausage, eggs, and a hash brown. All of this together adds up to 1,150 calories, 93 grams of fat, and a heartbreaking (literally) 2,260 milligrams of sodium. Thanks for reading!

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