Marko Stout’s 2019 NYC Exhibition Reviewed

Marko Stout’s work is an immortalization of industrial pop glamour; a snapshot of those rare epiphanous vibrant moments when our realities can bleed color and juxtaposition. It stretches beyond encapsulation of aesthetic and extends to an offering of meaning and an extension of culture.

The urban landscapes and the people who find rapture in the abstraction of monotony are deftly depicted in the images which violently flips narratives of the human condition. With a contemporary gaze, Stout salaciously invites the viewer to explore the darker, grittier facets of sexuality whilst alluding to the paradigm-shifting mesmerism which can be found if you allow your vision to fall into the beauty of exploration, expression and erotica.

Accolades may still fall around Warhol as the Art Pop fanatics cling to the nostalgia of his influence, yet, Stout’s exhumation of carnality holds a mirror to the disparity which lingers between true desire, and the filtered experiences we pretend to crave.

With cathartic honesty, the real world is put before you, polished with a cinematic infusion of rock candescence. Void of smoke and mirrors, the art lustrously blinks with resonant realism, pulling you from the comfort of archaic Pop Art into a modern realm of unfiltered ardour.

As you wander through Marko Stout’s latest exhibition it is easy to imagine the room as one blurred instant of color; leather, leopard print, the metallic sheen of silk, all flowing through the galleries from canvas to canvas. Like exotic hummingbirds tasting the nectar of flower after flower; humanity draw in helplessly by the allure of a single moment captured so perfectly in time and then used as a canvas. The vibe of one moment captured perfectly, to look at forever.

For a moment you are distracted from Marko Stout’s work by a girl next to you – a real girl, although she looks like she belongs in one of these erotic nightmare photos. She plucks a cherry from her cocktail and sucks it clean, and you swear you can hear the “pop” it makes when her lips set it free. The cherry glistens, and you mentally take a photo of this moment – her luminescent skin, the golden glitter lining her eyes, the artificially bright red of the cherry between her fingers. This is what the artist has captured successfully. One day, perhaps, you will have the skill to keep her on your canvas forever. It is a possessive urge, but this is one of the luxuries that is afforded by art. The alluring moment ends almost as soon as it began, as the crowd moves to obscure her, and your attention is caught by a series of three canvases which have gathered quite the observant crowd.

Marko Stout’s latest exhibition entitled “Erotic Allure Volume II” is on exhibition at New York’s infamous Gallery MC until September 15th. Advanced tickets are not required but strongly recommend if you wish to avoid long lines of the artist’s fans waiting to take in his latest works.