Lupus is one of the most common chronic, complicated autoimmune diseases in the United States. Here MusicSnake Magazine presents a list of facts you didn’t know about it.

Lupus Possible Causes

Although this disease is still largely shrouded in mystery, scientists suspect that genetic predisposition could play a part in it. Other supposed factors could be extreme stress and certain drugs.

90% of Sufferers are Women of Reproductive Age. This would be considered about 15 to 45 years of age. Although this age group and gender is the most common, men and children, along with elderly people can develop lupus as well.

Lupus Fog. People with this illness may have a harder time than others thinking, focusing, or remembering certain things. They are also more susceptible to mental problems like depression and anxiety.

Women of Color are at a Much Higher Risk

In fact, they are two to three times likelier to develop this disease than white women. Although all people can develop it, as stated above, if you are Asian, Latina, or African American, you’re at a higher risk.

Lupus is Not Like AIDS or HIV. All three of these diseases are immune deficiency issues, but they are different. HIV and AIDS make your immune system not active enough, while with lupus, your immune system becomes too active.

Famous People with Lupus. A lot of celebrities have this disease. Among these are Nick Cannon, Seal, and Selena Gomez. Michael Jackson also had it before his death. Lady Gaga has been said to have tested positive on tests that say she may have it as well.

Tag-Along Autoimmune Diseases

This problem has been known to attract other autoimmune issues. These include Arthritis and Crohn’s disease. Scientists still aren’t sure exactly why this is the case, or if lupus is completely to blame for these extra conditions.

The Origins of the Term. Lupus means “wolf” in Latin. This is because when the disease was first discovered, doctors thought the rash that appeared on the face resembled a wolf bite.

It’s Hard to Tell Who Has Lupus. Although it’s estimated that at least five million people in the world currently have this disease, it’s hard to tell exactly who has it. This is because the symptoms vary so widely from person to person. For this reason, numbers of people with it may be higher than we assume.

Lupus The Imitator

This disease is often called “the great imitator.” This is because the symptoms tend to appear like those of different illnesses.

Drug-Induced Versions of Lupus. Lupus can occur as a result of reactions to certain medications. With this variety of lupus, the symptoms often fade within half a year of stopping the drugs, often times with little long-term damage done.

The Lupus Butterfly. Although it was once compared to wild animal bites, the rash is now considered to have more of a butterfly shape. For this reason, the symbol for lupus is known as a butterfly in the medical field and elsewhere.

Increased Pregnancy Risks

You can still have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby if you suffer from the disease, but it’s important to be very careful. You are more pre-disposed to miscarriages, along with premature birth and diabetes.

No Cure. Since the exact cause is still unknown, it’s hard to know how to fix it. No known cure currently exists for the disease.

Sufferers Become Very Tired. The absolute most commonly reported symptom of lupus is chronic fatigue. People with the illness will feel tired no matter how much they sleep.