The title says it all: LONG-CZ J9 is the smallest flip phone in the world. Created by Long CZ, the tiny phone is currently available on Amazon and AliExpress for about $30, but how good is actually the gadget?

First and foremost – the flip phone doesn’t work with all the carriers. It wouldn’t work with Verizon, AT&T or Spring. The seller recommends T-Mobile. I had a Simple mobile sim card and it worked well for me. The gadget supports GSM Frequency. To set the phone up you will need a 2G, 3G or 4G Micro SIM card (12 x 15mm). 

Let’s see how small the phone actually is. The tiny device is unbelievably small. It comes with a micro USB and a manual instruction. It is about as big as a thumb and as wide as a quarter coin and about 13 times smaller than iPhone 11 Pro. Impressive!

Functionality-wise – It has a 13 Style Voice Changer Within 22 kinds of talking background music. The gadget also has FM radio. You can also connect the tiny phone via bluetooth and use it with your smartphone.

Sound-wise – the speaker is normally loud and clean. Microphone is also relatively good. The weakest part of the phone is its battery. It is enough for about 1 hour of active use only.

It’s hard to text and the gadget can save only 300 contacts. Even though the design allows you to put this tiny device on a keychain, you won’t be able to use it on a regular basis without a ‘normal’ gadget. However, it could be a unique and surprising gift for someone who loves non-standard things.